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November 02, 2005


Got to love those pay-to-play chairmanships run by your own consultant.

Still, the ten grand invested DOES show Ms. Harkey to be a serious challenger to Uncle Tom.


Got to love those pay-to-play chairmanships run by your own consultant.

Not to discount your general point, but in this case I think you're off the mark because Harkey's consultant is Scott Hart, and the Border Police Initiative's consultant is Dave Gilliard.


Tom Harman voted repeatedly against granting illegal aliens drivers licenses. Where was Diane Harkey during those fights? Did she write a letter in opposition to Gil Cedillo's bills?

Did she sponsor a sense-of-the-city council motion in opposition to Cedillo's illegal drivers license bill?

So we see a pattern here. When Tom Harman was fighting for the United States, Diane Harkey did nothing.

Harkey is only against illegal immigration when it's politically convenient for her to be so.


I agree with Jubal on this one.

Scott Hart is the consultant.

Gilliard would never allow or produce such a crappy logo, and I am not being sarcastic.

Is Harkey running for State Senate or sanitation board?

In The Know

In the know says that Gilliard is selling the Co-Chair slots for $10,000 but it is a contribution to the initiative. Some people have been implying it is a payment to Gilliard.


Fact: No initiative has ever made the ballot in CA history without paid petition-gatherers.

Fact: The overwhelming bulk of the funds raised for the CBPI have gone to Campbell's consultants and lawyers.

This suggests to me, and to many others, that the whole thing is nothing but a cynical fraud, designed to protect politicians arses while doing nothing to stop the invasion.

But what else should any sensible person expect from political hacks and Bushies? (But I repeat myself.)

Scott Hart the local campaign manager. Sources say that Harkey is a Gilliard client, putting Gilliard into the consultant or master strategist role. This makes sense as Harkey has the money to be the kind of client Gilliard likes. We will see when the mail starts.

In the meantime, she is appearing serious.

Diane Harkey

To set the record straight...This is not a "Gilliard" inspired contribution. I recieved a call from Ray Haynes 2 weeks ago asking if I could contribute $10,000 to enable the effort to hire paid signature gatherers. At that time Ray needed to collect $100,000 more to accomplish the goal. I have been a strong supporter of the Cal Border Police effort, and prior to my contribution, I was listed as an endorser of the effort.

Preventing Illegal Immigration has been a long-standing issue for me, prior to pursuing any political involvment. I, like many others, have been frustrated by the inability of the Federal Government to take the issue seriously. I believe it was viewed as a "California" issue, receiving little attention from the east or midwest. Now, it is affecting other areas of the country, we have seen that policing the borders can work, and the California Republicans are finally taking the issue seriously. My hat is off to Ray Haynes.

No good deed goes unpunished? If the initiative qulifies for the ballot the state will be the beneficiary. Just as an aside, I do put my money where my mouth is.

Allan Bartlett

You are to be commended Diane. We need some other deep pocketed politicians and donors though to pay for signature gathering here in the final weeks to collect the necessary number of signatures. Otherwise this thing will not make it. I hope all serious candidates for the 35th donate to the prop...hint Tom Harmon, Christina Shea, etc.

Powder Blue Report

Diane. Be careful. The No on D campaign believes that paid circulators don't represent the 'will of the people' since Wayne Quint believes most of them to be carnies. And that people who hire them are pathetic, arrogant, little people.

That was part of the essence of his meltdown last Tuesday.

Hey.....didn't you just recently publish a newsletter taking that position on Measure D?

Shawn M Mccarthy

Paid signiture gatherers are called Petitioners.Since most of the people that complain about them have never stood in thier shoes Its no wonder the don't have a clue.There are many in the industry that go out of thier way to assist Law enforcement to weed the industry from the bad apples.When I need a job done right I call a pro.regardless if It's fixing my roof,doing my taxes ,Or whatever.Like wise If I provide service done Right at a fair price regardless of what industry I should get paid.Many of the petitioners only do petitions they personally believe in which means they are not allways employed.So even though they get paid It is in some way still a public service because there is alot of donated work that gets done by the same people that get paid.

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