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November 30, 2005


Hunt is Corrupt

OMG! I just watched this video, and I have to say "Culture of Coiruption" is right. I've always heard from people that Hunt has been wanting to bring the "Good ol' Boy" network typified by Sheriff Gates and Undersheriff Ramos back to the organization.

This expose by Dave Lopez is proof that Hunt is running his own little "corruption zone" down there in San Clemente.

Doesn't the City Council down there care? I'm sure the Sheriff would be happy to stick Hunt in some courthouse somewhere, if they would only ask.

Or maybe they ascede to the "Culture of Cover Up" -- I wonder how many times Councilmembers get 'free rides' home after their DUI stops?

I think what irks me most is the gall of Hunt, who arrogantly proclaims himself to be so rightious. Hunt is as corrupt as they come - the worst kind of cop. He believes in double-standards for his friends versus everyone else.

First it was "Our dirty little secret..." - now... its "Do the right thing..."

If it were me, I would have said "Book em, take em to jail!"

But then, he did donate the maximum amount to Bill's campaign...


Tim Whitacre?

Calling Tim Whitacre?

Where are you, Mr. Whitacre?

Allan Bartlett

Great choice we have for Sheriff. Bill Hunt is giving a wink and nod to buddies who drive under the influence and Mike Corona is making Hugh Hefner look like an altar boy. I look forward to nice long nasty campaign.

Powder Blue Report

Green Machine

Bill Hunt is a good cop. It's too bad he chose a negative campaign strategy. The constant character attacks on Sheriff Carona by his campaign mismanager (Tim Whitacre) coupled with the mud slinging and character assassination perpetrated upon anyone who stood in his way created an adversarial atmosphere within the OCSD and AOCDS.

But if that isn't bad enough, his campaign tried to claim the moral high ground as if they were entitled to it...and as usually happens, the people who put Bill Hunt and his supporters on a pedestal suddenly found themselves kicked off of it!

I hate to say I told you so Tim, but I warned you to put a fence around your glass house when you started throwing stones!!!Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense could see this one coming!

Bill Hunt initialy claimed he wanted to put the focus of the Orange County Sheriffs Department back on public safety...yet his campaign seems to have lost it's focus and entered into a game of dirty politics and impropriety...That's too bad...Because I truly believe this incident is not indicative of the type of police work he condones or desires. After 20+ years of stellar police work Bill Hunt's campaign has managed to cast a dark shadow on him and the Sheriffs Department...and that is truly sad!

angelo Lutz

In the comparision Allen made concerning Hugh Hefner and Mike Carona, at least Hefner is an effective leader, and runs a very succesfull company.

This incident with Hunt, is another "public" demonstration of Hunt the micro-manager, where deputies are afraid to make a decision without first consulting the boss.

This guy was drunk-uncooperative. Despite what connections he has with the department he should have been taken to JAIL first. Handcuff and all.

I am wondering how he would like it if some off duty deputies got drunk, and then went to his place of business and acted like a bunch of idiots in front of his clients.

It is another example of the arrogance and the impunity mindset of those in Hunt's inner circle.


The State Attorney General should look into this. Hunt sells Get Out Of Jail Cards to his drunken friends. Disgusting

25 years at OCSD

My real concern over this incident is the deputies involved. They were told to "do the right thing"...wink and a nod is correct. Hunt should have said book the guy, or told them to take him home. Be specific Bill and then take responsibility for your choice. Instead, the deputies called for direction and got do the right thing. Hey Hunt, follow your own advice! The right thing to do was give the deputies a specific direction and then be accountable for your decision.

In this circumstance do the right thing means, take him home!

The absence of accountability and integrity is the problem, not wheteher an arrest was made. (This is a problem LT. even if you weren't running for Sheriff.)
No hypocracy - I might have also said take the retired deputy home. But I would have taken the responsibilty for the decision, and not left the deputies explaining to IA.

What's next - the deputies will be investigated, their actions and decisions questioned, all because Bill Hunt left himself a political out. Great leadership Bill...leave your deputies twisting in the wind.

Sadly this incident does not acurately represent the outstanding day-to-day efforts of the deputies of the Orange County Sheriff's Dept. The men and women approach their jobs with courage and commitment, and with a sense of service and thoughtfulness.

There are many citizens of the county who have received a ride home, or parked their cars and went off with a friend or in a taxi. Not because of who they were, but because it was the right thing to do at the time. When they make a decision like this the deputy knows that he/she may be called upon for an explanation. Hunt knows this too. In this case the deputies will explain that they followed the Lt.'s direction, only he does not appear willing to honestly explain.

Where's Whitacre



Is there an echo in here?

DimWit Ace'r

Vote for Pedro, and all your wildest dreams will come true!

Vote For Pedro!

Tim Whitacre


Unlike Carona, Lt. Bill Hunt does not hide from,nor does he need to "cover up" anything!

Let's see, the OC Blogpen is dead silent on any/all critical news story regarding Mike Carona, but then you guys try to spin gold from straw regarding anything that might have even the slightest chance of damaging Lt. Bill Hunt ?????

Sounds like a fairytale to me but, fair and balanced, your not.

Roscoe C. : Your embellishing of the facts surrounding the incident in question is deplorable, but not surprising.

PLEASE investigate this. PLEASE shake it every which way but lose. The facts of the matter will clearly show there was no "wink wink" as you boys so badly want (and need).

Lt. Bill Hunt, after unexpectedly being called in the middle of the night, told his Deputy to "do the right thing." Regardless of how Mr. Stevenson conducted himself or what he said, was he or was he not cited for
his infraction of the law?

You seem to have forgotten to tell the end of the story...

Unfortunetly, you guys are used to Caranospeak, which always includes a "wink wink." So I guess I can forgive you for ASSuming Bill Hunt operates the same way.However,ONCE AGAIN, you're WRONG.

Nice try at a cheap shot. Hope you're proud of yourselves.

Carona is corrupt and has to go!

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Time For a Change

Alan Bartlett said: "Great choice we have for Sheriff. Bill Hunt is giving a wink and nod to buddies who drive under the influence and Mike Corona is making Hugh Hefner look like an altar boy. I look forward to nice long nasty campaign."

Allan ignores the fact that there is a third, very qualified candidate running for Sheriff of Orange County, Commander Ralph Martin. Commander Martin has 32 years of progressive law enforcement and managerial experience and has clearly demonstrated that that he possesses the experience, integrity and honesty to straighten out the ethical mess at the top of the OCSD.

It is time for a change of management at the top of the OCSD, evidenced by the constant stream of ethical blunders that seem to pervade the organization at all levels of management. Carona, Jaramillo, Haidl, Murray, and Hunt to name a few....what a cast of characters

The management of the OCSD is clearly suffering from stunted ethics. Why?? because the top leadership has failed to set and enforce an honest value system in the workplace. It is no wonder that middle managers like Hunt and Murray fail the ethics test when their leaders have established a pattern of ethical abuse in everything that they do...What can you expect..it is time for a change!!!


Tim Whitacre


So much for protocol and keeping things above the belt (only when it suits you), huh?

I'm referring to the idiot you continually let post as "dim wit acer."

I guess then it's okay for others to post as
"Ju ball less" and the like?

Not that I can't take the name calling. It obviously means I'm getting through. But, it cheapens your Blog to allow the peanut gallery to weigh-in in this manner.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

anon ii

That darn peanut gallery following you around, huh Timmy. Seems alot like you spouting off everytime Carona's name is in print, doesn't it Timmy. You will amaze me (for the first time, I might add) if you are adept enough at your political spin to make THIS one come out good. GET TO WORK!!!!

anon ii

PS- When's the next Hunt fundraiser? I wanna party with you animals!

Allan Bartlett

Time for a change,

Thanks for the heads up on Ralph Martin. There needs to be a clean sweep of management in the Sheriff's office. I will take a good look at him. I have already elminated Carona from contention for my vote and now Bill Hunt is getting dangerously close to not making the cut also.

Powder Blue Report

Time for a Change

In addition to Commander Martin's website, you can get a feel for how his subordinates feel about him by going to the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff's website at www.ALADS.org. They conduct a yearly "anonymous" leadership assessment of all Unit Commanders by their subordinates. The results are always brutallty honest.

There are links to the 2004 and 2003 assessments on the lower right side of the webpage in which Commander Martin is rated in the top 10 ten on both assessments. You can read the comments from the employees.....they do comment on honesty and integrity....

The more you find out about him the more you will see that he is the guy to clean up this mess and foster real meaningful change for the OCSD.

Blog Watcher

The pro Carona forces must be really scared of Bill Hunt given all the dirt they are throwing out there against him. If Carona had such a sterling record of achievement and all the platitudes they are trying to rip from Hunt it wouldn't matter.

I guess is must suck to have run on your record.

Tim Whitacre


Don't be so ready to grab a lifejacket just yet, my friend. Lt. Bill Hunt has done nothing wrong and ANY objective investigation will prove that out.

Think about this everyone:

This incident happened about two weeks ago.
It took the Carona team that long to put something together that might look damaging.

Take another look at the way Dave Lopez is reporting it. It looks like he was reading straight from notes provided to him by Mike Schroeder.

Especially with the last reference to the Haidl Jr. incident, which, if you all remember, it was Carona who instructed Jaramillo to have Jr. taken home, NOT Bill Hunt - that was proven to be a lie by the phone records between Jaramillo & Carona and the OCSD Communication Center.

Now ask yourselves, "Why would Carona instruct his supporter, Captain Anderson, who is Lt. Bill Hunt's new boss, one week later, to personally gather all the info on the Sevenson stop and bring it to HQ, only to delay leaking the "story" to Lopez at Ch.9 yet another week later?

Everyone knows that Mike Schoreder is a long time friend of Dave Lopez.

Both the OC. Register and the LA Times looked into the matter right away and didn't find any substance for a story.

This is nothing more than Carona having his campaign thugs trying to influence people through lies and deception, as usual.

Carona is calling in personal favors to run dead end stories that have NO MERIT. It is an act of desperation because everyone knows Lt. Bill Hunt's campaign is gaining momentum.

Lt. Bill Hunt is a man of integrity and honor. Unlike the Carona team, I'm not getting paid to say that. I would not put my personal and professional reputation at risk if I was not thoroughly convinced that Lt. Bill Hunt is the best man for the job of Orange County Sheriff.

I strongly encourage everyone to regularly visit two outstanding websites:

1st. CARONACHRONICLES.COM (emphasis mine)

2nd. TWISTEDBADGE.COM (again, emphasis mine)

Both of these sites will take you under the hood of the Carona machine and into the dirty engine that is fouling the air in Orange County.

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre


Mike Carona is the biggest embarrassment for Orange County and anyone who wears a badge. He now needs additional attorneys to help defend the mess he made of the Sheriff’s department and he is making the taxpayers pay for it.

Why doesn’t he just ask his Vegas campaign friends “whose businesses have had brushes with the law” to pay his legal bills. I hear casinos and strip clubs bring in a lot of money.

Check out this OC Register article.
Carona's colorful cast of campaign contributors

Green Machine

Once again Whitacre puts together conspiracy theories and innuendo. Now even Channel 9's Dave Lopez is in on the master plan to destroy Bill Hunt.

Let's see...Jubal, Green Machine, Dragtheright, Truth, Wayne Quint, Tom Dominguez, Bob McLeod, Christine Murray, Mike Schroeder, et al are all in on it.

Your bunker mentality is causing extreme paranoia Tim. The story on Channel 9 may have been slanted, but when isn't a story slanted on the news? If you can't see the obvious nexus between the Haidl phone calls and the Stevenson phone calls, then you're not as sharp as I gave you credit for.

Bill Hunt may not have done anything wrong, but the fact that he was called after a major campaign supporter was detained for drunk driving is more than just coincidece. It looks fishy and deserves scrutiny...especially when the guy is driven home, released and then arrested...that is not normal protocol and anyone with law enforcement experience knows it.

As for Bill Hunt's direction to the deputies when he was called: "Do the right thing???"...what a vague and ambiguous statement that was. How about: Do your job and arrest the guy if he was DUI or How about park his car and take him home (as is sometimes done). That loophole comment is not real leadership it is lawyer speak for "keep me out of it".

There's no conspiracy Tim. Nobody from Carona's campaign put Stevenson behind the wheel of a car after a night of drinking at a fundraiser....Nobody from Carona's campaign pulled him over and Nobody from his campaign called Bill Hunt and said "what should we do?".

Get used to the idea that Bill Hunt will be held just as accountable for his supporters as you hold Sheriff Carona for the deeds of his supporters.

Green Machine

Hey Michael,

Speaking of Casinos...Wasn't Stevenson coming from a "Bill Hunt for Sheriff" Casino night fundraiser when he got arrested for DUI?

Tim Whitacre

Green Machine:

Poor, delusional masked Carona Crusader...

The only one in a bunker around Orange County is Mike Carona and his dwindling group of supporters - hunkered down, running for cover from the continual exposure of his ethically challenged administration and their misdeeds.

I do admire your spunk and repeated attempts at rebuttal or redirect. However, you're standing up for a man who does not deserve your loyalty and tenacity. Carona would throw you under a train in an instant if he thought it would benefit him in any way.

Also, think about your last attempt as a Carona smear sniper. You state the following:

"Speaking of Casinos...Wasn't Stevenson coming from a "Bill Hunt for Sheriff" Casino night fundraiser when he got arrested for DUI?"

How about D-U-H! The answer is NO (which you already knew, oh credible source of information)

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

hum you mentioned it Tim i can't beleive you went there!

Twisted badge? Is this the same twisted Badge that has a story about one of Hunt's golf buddies, and the other was Stevenson.

Here is the story: "Brian Scanlon is a private investigator in Arizona. He doesn't have to work too hard because the County of Orange pays the former OCSD training officer about $27,000. a year to compensate him for the stress he underwent when he shot his partner in the face with a gun that wasn't supposed to be loaded." "Brian Scanlan somehow became a training officer even though he had "anger management problems" and the county had already quietly paid money to citizens who threatened to sue. "

This story is factually inaccurate! Scanlon is a Hunt supporter.

Next:"...I called Chief Assistant District Attorney Maury Evans to let him know that I would be contacting witnesses and to ask him which homicide investigators had been assigned to the case. He called me back right away to say that the case had been assigned to Gary Bale and Tom Giffen." "When I finally met with Gary Bale and Tom Giffen in late December 1990, they had their investigation file with them. It was less than an inch thick and I sensed they weren’t following up on anything. I figured they weren’t going to do anything with my report either, so I didn’t write one. I handed them copies of the psychological evaluations and a typed list of the witnesses I’d
contacted and their contact numbers. I told them what each witness had to say and that it looked to me like Robert Clarke had murdered his wife. "

Giffen was a fine investigator and has donated to the Hunt campaign.

Nice Going Tim.

Good thing Hunt doesn't pay you, because you are a loose cannon and do nothing to help his cause

anon ii

Go ahead, Timmy, spin away!!! On second thought, since you have never been a cop, why don't you just turn around and leave with your tail between your legs. You love to poke at cops, then panic when your boy is the target. It's a secret society, Timmy, and you are not one. Go back and join the marine reserves if you need a kick. We don't need or want you.

Adeste Fideles

Green Machine

Tim Whitacre said:

"Green Machine...I do admire your spunk and repeated attempts at rebuttal or redirect. However, you're standing up for a man who does not deserve your loyalty and tenacity....."

Exactly where in this posting (or any other)have I been standing up for Sberiff Carona? I do think he has done some positive things for OCSD and he has fostered a good relationship with AOCDS, but I'm not his cheerleader as you assert. I've also stated on this Blog that I think Bill Hunt is a good cop. You seem to have missed the reason you have so many opponents...

It's your campaign tactics and the methods used by some in Hunt's attack machine that have caused myself (and others) to take you guys on.

At this point, I think Ralph Martin has a better chance of taking on the Sheriff than Bill Hunt...if I were cheerleading for the Sheriff, I'd probably research ways to point out his weaknesses....Mr. Martin has carried himself with dignity and is asking people to vote for him based on his abilities...unlike Bill Hunt's campaign he doesn't find opportunities to smear people and attack their character....he may or may not earn my vote, but he's already earned my respect!

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