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November 03, 2005


Fullerton Conservative

Sen. Dick Ackerman is the driving force behind the Daucher candidacy in the 34th. He hates Van Tran and does not care that Daucher is a liberal. Ackerman has also been actively trying to recruit an opponent to Supervisor Chris Norby. In the 35th, don't be shocked if he endorses Tom Harman. Yes, it means he is supporting liberals over conservatives. But to Ackerman, it's all personal.

yrfromwoodbrige-go warriors

Van's announcement will settle things. Daucher won't want a contested primary just to fight Umberg. Van, we need you to step up.

reality check

Van Tran can't beat Umberg. Ackerman understands this and therefore is reluctant to put the party's money behind VT (can we all say "Bill Jones"?). As leader, A will be measured by whether he picks up or loses seats - it's about time we started to think practically given our state house seat count (miserable - thanks CRA and, apparently, "Lurk"). "Hatred" has nothing to do with this.

Fiscal Hawk

What the hell is Reality Check smoking? Van Tran can't beat Umberg? Freaking Umberg got so many skeletons in his closet that the Democrats are looking at possibly running another candidate for the 34. Ackerman is a fool for not backing Tran who can now raise more money as an incumbent and has a lock on the Asian voters of that district.

As a leader, Ackerman almost loss his job to Jim Battin, is not raising a lot of money for the party, and was punk out of the Congressional race by John Campbell.

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