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November 11, 2005



Wow, this is retarded. Why on Earth would any sane person (read "conservative") oppose any opportunity to not give money to the OPEC cartel? I mean, I expect this kind of actions from John McCain, who is Republican in party registration only, but this hypocrisy goes along with Ted Kennedy's wanting more reliance on clean energy yet opposing offshore wind turbines in Massachussetts because they would have been too close to Hyannis Port, aka Kennedyville.

I will say this, however: Putting blame for this on President Bush is not right either. Sure Mr. Calvert might not have his head on straight at this particular juncture in time, but you can't expect President Bush to sit there and personally attach a leash to 231 Representatives. The President has, multiple times, conveyed his support for drilling the Alaskan Wildlife Reserve and asking any more of the man is ludicrousness of democrat proportions


In Calvert's defense, at least he chooses a side and supports it. While Royce generally votes with the conservative group in the House, the Republican Study Committee, he has never been a member nor supported the group, as far as know.

Fiscal Hawk

Just because Calvert is opposed to attaching the ANWAR bill into the budget act doesn't mean he's a RINO...it could be that Calvert doesn't believe the budget process should be exploited for an energy/environmental legislation.

And another thing Lurk, just because someone decide to take a position different than that of the leadership or the party's values doesn't mean he's a RINO. As a party, we control both Congress and the White House yet there is a record deficit and a growing national debt, does that mean the entire party establishment belong in the RINO catergory for not being fiscally conservative?


There is a record deficit because 2/3 of our budget is mandatory spending. We, as a nation, have to spend $1.69 trillion without question every year. The Republican leaderhip has managed to cut appropriations spending from $848 billion/year to $844 billion/year over the last budget cycle alone.

Now, think about what you just said--"...just because someone decides to take a position different than that of the leadership or party's values doesn't mean he's a RINO." Well, umm, what you described is exactly what a RINO is: Republican In Name Only. If somebody does something against the party that they have assigned themselves to, then, by virtue of definition, they are said party in their registration, or name, only.


FH: Did you even look at the list of people in the "Main Street Partnership"? No one in there that a true conservative should be hanging around with -- especially McCain.

Jozef's comment is right on target.

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