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November 09, 2005


Blog Watcher

Attention....attention to all the preening opponents of Measure D.

One thing I know for sure: in politics, defeat is usually a temporary condition.

anon ii

Oh, God, Custer- you lost!!!

Blog Watcher

Like someone else has already asked. What did you win?


What's up with Measure F - the Newport-Mesa school bond tax - passing in Chuck's district?

What conservative in the district spoke up against this tax?

Why didn't anyone in this district even submit a ballot argument against this tax?

Newport Beach and Costa Mesa look disorganized and this reflects poorly on anyone that calls themselves a conservative in this area.

Silence Dogood

Aquaman sounds like an Orange County Young Republican cleverly trying give himself/herself kudos for one day's work opposing Measure F.

Silence Dogood

Where were the "Republicans" on the Newport City Council on this?


Logical's take on the special election:
"Thank God I live in OC!"

OC Results:

73-Termination of Minor's Pregnancy.
Yes 335144 59.5%
No 227751 40.5%

74-Public School Teacher Permanent Status.
Yes 353956 62.4%
No 213098 37.6%

75-Public Employee Union Dues.
Yes 361979 63.9%
No 204217 36.1%

76-State Spending and School Funding.
Yes 312615 55.3%
No 253010 44.7%

Yes 314303 56.0%
No 247430 44.0%


Thanking God you live in the OC seems completely illogical right now.

We can stomp our collective feet and yell and scream that these measures should apply to Orange County because we supported them but no one will listen.


I'm simply referring to living in the same community with those who have similar views.

Military Genius

Now is this where we get the lecture on the point of culmination?

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