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October 18, 2005


Allan Bartlett

There was a great article in the WSJ by Miriam Jordan this morning about the race for the 48th CD. Sorry John, you must not paid enough money to that reporter because she portrayed you in a very unflattering light. Here's a quote from the article.."Mr. Campbell for one, supports issuing driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants in California, as well as allowing high-school graduates who are illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. at a young age to pay in-state fees for college." Props to the WSJ for a fine article. I've always enjoyed the Journal over the years. I guess not everyone got the memo that the race is over.

Powder Blue Report


Allan, you failed to mention the things in the article that aren't flattering to Gilchrist:

"New public-opinion data, generated by the Republican polling firm Tarrance Group, indicate that Republican voters nationwide don't necessarily agree with a deportation- and enforcement-only immigration policy. Instead they favor solutions that will deal with both future immigrants and the millions of undocumented workers already here. The national poll of 800 likely Republican voters, released yesterday, found that only 16% want to stop the flow of illegal immigrants entirely. Nearly 80% would support an enforcement package that increases penalties for employers, registers workers and — provided those workers pay taxes, learn English and stay on the right side of the law — offers a path to eventual citizenship."

Not exactly the slam-dunk, shut-the-border, kick-out-the-Mexicans single-issue campaign Gilchrist is running.

"Despite his surprise showing in the primary, Mr. Gilchrist has little chance of winning the December runoff and must contend with widely divergent views of the Minutemen's mission. Some civil-rights groups consider the group racist. And while Gov. Schwarzenegger has lauded the group for trying to tackle a problem that the federal government is neglecting, he has endorsed Mr. Campbell."

So Gilchrist's 15% in October will translate into 15% in December, while the remaining 85% of 48th voters will reject him for civil-rights or simple common-sense reasons. The voters know that being loud about one important issue does not mean he will represent the wide and varied interests of the district.

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