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October 19, 2005



Key difference:
The sheriff dept management wants increase in staffing.
It's not the OCFA board or management pushing MeasureD, it's the OCPFA (who, btw, I have a lot or respect for).



As has been pointed out several times. The OCFA Board of Directors (22 city council members and 2 OC supervisors) approved a resolution supporting the details of Measure D (since it hadn't earned a name) back in 2004. The vote was 16-1-1. With the six members absent that day.

It isn't just a union issue.

Cheryl Roth

I have contacted many newspapers since the fires, hoping someone will print this.
Dear Editor & Chief,
I would love to do a positive article out of the madness that just happened to Southern California.
I’m sure you have a lot of great stories that people in these desperate situations have done.
Share them…share the positive things. I want fire fighters EVERYWHERE to know how much we appreciate them & what they did for 1,000’s of people when they open the paper &
The front page should simply say: THANK YOU FIRE FIGHTERS!!!!
Here’s my thoughts:
I am starting at the end. Yesterday (Monday), when I called the Brea/Yorba Linda Fire stations. I asked “what can I do for the fireman?” They told me to call the O.C. Fire Authority in Irvine. When I called & asked Christy , she explained at that point they had enough food & water at the outpost, I could donate to the Red Cross. I told her I was planning on doing so, but I wanted to do something for the fire fighters directly. She told me I could send a thank you card. That would mean so much to them. A thank you card….where would I start? What would I say? She said it would mean the world to them. So lets send them “Thanks”
These men came from Lodi, Fresno, Santa Barbara (after fighting fires up there), San Diego, and everywhere else. So I thought, I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. So here’s the address:
Orange County Fire Authority
Attn: Community Relations
PO Box 57115
Irvine, Ca. 92619-7115
Then she proceeded to tell me I was one of the few “positive” phone calls she had received today.
I WAS FLOORED!!! We had fires everywhere. Across 3 full counties. Across very populated areas & dense mountain terrain.
I am not a fire fighter, I am a home owner in Yorba Linda and some of the things I experienced over the last few days we certainly an eye opener & put me in a state of shock to say the very least. Fire Fighters deal with this sort of crazy all the time!
Could you imagine:
Being called out of bed, your home & being sent to your town, a city close by or the southern part of the state? All the while knowing..it’s never a “good” thing with your job? People are depending on you for their home, pets, loved ones and even their life?
As many did, could you imagine rolling up on 3,4, or 5 houses burning in 1 unit & having to choose? Trying to detach yourself to quickly figuring out which one will stop the spreading of the fire….all the while knowing that each of those burning houses is some one’s life. I don’t know about you, but I would need therapy!
Could you imagine wearing over 100 lbs of gear (it looks like it) in 90 degree wheather? While you are handling those huge hoses or digging ditches for hours on end? When you are to the point of exhaustion, you relieve your body by taking your gear off & leaning against the truck or sitting in it.
Eating & drinking the minimal.
These men & woman came from literally everywhere to help. We had fires everywhere & they were spread so thin, they did everything humanly possible. As I was walking through our areas, Green Hills, Hidden Hills and the parks in between, there we 1,000’s of homes that the fire came right up to their backyard fences, some even lost the fence. But their home was still there! Tragically, some people lost their homes, and words cannot express my sadness, it could have just as easily been ours.
Because of the firefighters, pilots, volunteers and home owners that stayed behind the number of losses were not catastrophic.
When trying to get back into our area, the policeman blocking our streets said “the firefighters worked endlessly…and you need to find out your neighbors that stayed to help…they are the reason you still have a home!
Over the last few days the compassion, and aid in others, strangers helping strangers reminded me of how we were when 9-11 happened.
Fire fighters do this every day on every call they make!!
It’s their way of life. Thank you!!!!
Cheryl Roth
Yorba Linda, California
P.S. Dear Editor, I do have photos of the things I was talking about. If you have any questions please call me (714-863-4437)

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