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October 30, 2005



It has taken me a few years of trial and error to learn this lesson, but I am now prepared to say that one should never, ever, ever bet against Forde & Mollrich.

Some consultants take mostly "sure winners" as clients and then beat their chests about how great they are in winning elections when their clients are victorious.

But F&M almost relish representing the underdog and bringing them over the finish line on election day. This is true with both candidates and ballot measures.

Adam says F&M are expensive. I say you get what you pay for.

Dana Point Dan

It is hard to pay F&M expensive invoices when you can't even put a host committee together. I guess most of the DeYoung campaign is going to be funded out of the DeYoung family checkbook.

The idea of putting mail out in the political environment of the Govs special election and the 48th run off is ludicrous and wasteful. The voters are overwhelmed with political mail and not paying attention to the Sups race or the tunnel issue. All DeYoung did is announce that she is not for solving any of our regional transportation issues.

Keep paying those expensive invoices Cassie, I hear the leases on the F&M corvette fleet are just about up and the 2006 models are waiting to be picked up.

Irvine Taxpayer's Friend

I wonder if with Supervisor DeYoung we can count on inflated invoices for overpriced mailers from the County or OCTA, produced by F&M. (ala Agran/Great Park/F&M controversy that has been speculated on this blog).

Allan Bartlett

Maybe I should buy some stock in Kenny The Printer. They are the vendor of choice for F&M/Agran/DeYoung. It looks like there will be plenty of business for them in the future.

Powder Blue Report

Irvine GOPer

They rip off Irvine's taxpayers and work with commies like Larry Agran. And remind me DR, what big underdog did they bring across the finish line?

OC Campaign Manager

Kenny The Printer makes Vince Monaco's invoices look reasonable.

South County GOP

Didn't Jim Gilchrist use Kenny the Printer too ? DeYoung has some real shady characters around her, none that seem to be Republican or honest.

Dana Point Dan

Using Bill Kogerman, a liberal union Democrat, as your campaign manager, can only signal that public employee union boss's have picked DeYoung as their professional servant on the BOS.

Kogerman and DeYoung will be picking the pockets of OC taxpayers to pay for all those non-funded pension programs. Kogerman spent his whole professional career in government. Just because he was a minor player in the anti airport fight (let’s face it Todd Spitzer, Tom Wilson and Faubel & Waters did the real heavy lifting) does not make him a conservative. DeYoung has surrounded herself with big government liberals and the voters are going to see it.

Consultant Critic

Gilchrist used Jim Bieber. Jim is a true conservative consultant, and his prices are reasonable. By the way...his in house artist David is one of the best in the business, despite being a Democrat.


>Kogerman spent his whole professional career in government.<
I'm no fan of F&M, Agran, DeYoung or even Kogerman after things he's done since Measure W, HOWEVER, Kogerman is Lt. Col. Kogerman, USMC retired; that's not just your typical bureaucrat.

>... let’s face it Todd Spitzer, Tom Wilson and Faubel & Waters did the real heavy lifting (stopping the airport)<
BULL; that airport wouldn't have been stopped without the political support, however, it was the volunteers that did the heavy lifting to stop the airport; I myself collected thousands of signatures and I'm just one of many.

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