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October 19, 2005


Someone Should Ask

Someone should ask Moorlach and the Long Beach Press-Telegram what the pension obligations of the OC Firefighters are, versus the unions opposed to Measure D, which include the Deputy Sheriffs, OC Employees Association, and SEIU. There may be no good guy in this fight, but there are a lot more bad guys on the No side than Yes side.

Der Kommissar

The more I read about those receiving the largess of Prop 172 wanting to horde it all for themselves to the exclusion of firefighters, the more strongly I feel that the Prop 172 sales tax increase should be repealed altogether.



McClintock was a signatory against Prop 172. Now he's a signatory against Measure D.

The man just can't make up his mind.

If we're going to tax ourselves, the tax should at least go where the monies were intended.

The Supes have supplanted the funds for their own personal projects. I say give fire a share. Despite the cynicism of deceptive campaign ads also mentioned by Greenhut, it was one of the reasons I voted for Prop 172.

At least the Op Eds by Greenhut admits out in the open that three competing measures were put on the ballot to dilute the vote to maintain the status quo.

The stupidvisors have given away the farm in the enhanced pension obligations and now need a way to pay for it. That is one of the reasons why Moorlach is opposed. Since he is running for supervisor he knows he is going to need revenue to pay for the idiotic acts of his predecessors. And the first poster is spot on the mark. Given the opposition by OCEA and SEIU over a public safety tax is all I need to know to tell me which way to vote.

To f---- bad.

Vote YES on Measure D.

anon ii

Keep tilting at those windmills, PB...at least you'll GO DOWN swinging (but stop stooping to vulgar language- it exudes your desperation)!! I join Sir Greenhut and ALL the papers in opposing D!
Keep your families safe...

NO on D!!!!


Wow that has us spinning. The Long Beach Press is opposed to us getting a fair share of sales tax. What research did they do to write this article? Read the Register?

I guess we will fold our tent and head for the hills - oh wait a minute, newspapers don't vote people do. Maybe I will stay around and continue to try to help protect the people who pay my salary.

If the Press Telegram is so well in tune with the OC why don't they open a paper here. We could use a counterweight to the Register.


If you'd like to cite any media, government sources or politicians that favor Measure D, I'd be happy to list them on our main page.

Pocket Calculator

The Long Beach Press Telegram has a good share of the market in Orange County communities like Cypress, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, and Seal Beach. They are more like suburbs of Long Beach, with many former residents.

If you check the Register, they are consistantly listing Cerritos on the around town page in local.

Municipal and county boundaries do not always match circulation for newspapers.


Hey anon. Do you suffer from battered wife’s syndrome? It sure sounds like it. Greenhut compares you to Hitler and Stalin (I hope you’re not a Christian or Jewish) and you give him knighthood? Are you one of those people who gets beat up and thinks they deserve it? Because that is what happened in the Op Ed Greenhut wrote last week. But hey, who am I to tell you what to believe?

So should I stop tilting at windmills because you believe one side is winning or losing? That’s a joke. Which windmill? The windmill that the Board of Supervisors gave away the store via enhanced pensions? The windmill that labor groups opposed to this have (or should have) no interest in a tax specifically for public safety? The windmill that Proposition 172 was sold to the voters to add public safety personnel which it clearly has not because the funding has been used for things other than putting firefighters and police officers on the street? The windmill that after months of listening to the folks opposed to Measure D claim there is a high vacancy rate (despite their own President’s claims) and tax shifts that the campaign has dissolved into fear and threats? BTW. That is one of the worst commercials I have ever seen. And the mailer isn’t much better. The neighbors I’ve spoken with agree. But hey, keep up the good work. Todd claims the other side is losing. And I did like your President giving that big ‘thumbs up’ support to the firefighters on Monday. There are so many windmills I’ll let you choose one for me.

Maybe you’re right. I should be praising Greenhut. He advocates privatizing all government services including public safety. Maybe I’ll start supporting that idea instead.

I’ll take a pass on that. I’ll put up with the inefficiencies of government in that aspect of my life knowing the people overseeing the responses during emergencies aren’t motivated by profit. I don’t want my or my family’s lives put into a risk/reward model.

As far as the Long Beach Press Telegram opposing this. So what!! I grew up in Long Beach. Went to LB Jordan. And without going into a lot of details about that city, it is one of the reasons I moved to OC. Nuff said.


And Vote YES on Measure D.


Does the AOCDS support Greenhut's position that the county should privatize public safety? He may not have mentioned the sheriff's department on Sun. but you have to know they are on the radar screen.

Private jails are far more common than private fire departments. Why? Because they far more cost effective to privatize than privatizing a true emergency service like police or fire.

Jailers do not need the enhanced retirements or higher salaries that police and firefighters need.

Which ever way Measure D turns out the sheriffs union better be watching their "friends" the board of sups just may take a clue from Moorlach and privatize the jail.

Blog Watcher

One of friends saw Norby debate Joe Kerr at the OC Association of Realtors last Monday. Norby stated that he is opposed to all the measures on the ballot. Yet he was the second to the motion that put three of them on the ballot.

What am I missing here?

I have a question for anon.

With all the endorsements your getting from the local political structure. How much has any of the Supes, Carona, Moorlach, Spitzer, Tony Rack or you new bestest buddy Greenhut contributed to your campaign? This is just as much their issue as it is yours. And it sounds like to me they are letting you spend all your resources in this fight while sitting in the background?

Just some food for thought on the conviction of your supporters.

Der Kommissar

Looks to me like no one can argue that at least a portion of the Prop 172 sales tax increase should be repealed if it's not going to go to the fire safety it was promised to.

anon ii

Ohhh, Blog and PB, apparently you take things much too seriously! Since you both are regular contributors here, you may have seen that Jubal (or Lurk?) has unceremoniously severed my abundant manhood by deleting my negative comments about the masterful writer, Sir Steven Greenhut. Yes, I have now granted him knighthood by virtue of his latest columns. Unfortunately, I am a Republican (NOT A RINO) temporarily stuck in a Democrat's body, by virtue of my employment!

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