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October 24, 2005



As I pointed out earlier on another thread, a pledge is not a contribution.

If I were the deputies I wouldn't get my hopes up to high, one need only go to www.firefightersforpublicsafety.com to see a pledge to firefighters that Carona kept. He has proven to be long on promises and short on follow through.

With that being said. It should come as some comfort that Carona won't keep his 200+ deputies eliminated pledge when Measure D wins.

OC Fire Storm

As usual, E67 put it better than I can. At this point in the game the 100K pledge is no more than a feeble attempt to garner publicity for the campaign. As the saying goes, “Show me the money”.

Don’t forget to call when the check clears…


Steven Greenhut sums it up nicely over at the OCR's blog:

We all know what's going on here: The firefighters have exploited public sympathy to enrich themselves at taxpayers' expense. They have a powerful union, and Democrats and Republicans trip all over themselves trying to do their bidding. No one is saying they don't provide an important job or don't deserve good pay and benefits, but it has gotten out of hand. Now that the OC firefighters are trying to snatch sales-tax dollars from other agencies, they don't want people to discuss what they do with their current dollars.
Well spoken, Steve.

OC Fire Storm

>>>trip all over themselves trying to do their bidding.<<<

I think Mr. Whipple is doing Green-nut's bidding. Mr. Whipple sounds whipped.


Excellent analysis, OC Fire Storm. I especially like the way you responded to Greenhut's points, while avoiding juvenile name-calling.

(rolling eyes)

OC Fire Storm

Thanks, it's a learned talent.

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