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October 30, 2005


OC Fire Storm

"Since it (172) passed, over $2 billion in dedicated public-safety funds have been raised,""Since it (172) passed, over $2 billion in dedicated public-safety funds have been raised,"

Two billion raised, $77 in a slush fund. What is Corona doing w/ all that money? It's time that the 172/Measure B funds be shared with OCFA as Corona promised.

Stop the Sheriff's fiscal mismangement.

Yes on D


“Prop. 172, where is Fires’ share? The answer is very simple. It’s sitting in the pockets of the Board of Supervisors, it’s sitting in the pockets of the people who were unwilling to distribute it back in 1996. We’re going to change that. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you so that we never stand alone.”
--Sheriff candidate Mike Carona (1998)

And Carona has now become one of the people unwilling to distribute it.

He hit the nail on the head.


Ya know, fire guys, these are all arguments that the proper solution is to repeal Prop 172, then we will have no problems.

Greenhut's column was the high point, now that's political theory. A must read.

Gustavo Arellano

Harris didn't actually quote me, although he should've said my name and definitely put the upside-down exclamation point before my name. And, for the record--Santa Ana is the second-best city in la naranja--after Anaheim, of course.

Blog Watcher

See, Don Bren is just like the rest of us real folks. This is just like my divorce. Except for the two extra wives, two extra mistresses and five extra children.

And the money.

Otherwise, that was like reading my biography.

Jeff Flint


Why no news summaries the last couple days? I have gotten lazy on browsing the OCR, LAT and other news websites because of your daily post...I am suffereing withdrawl.


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