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October 20, 2005



How interesting that the CA GOP would support a BoS who have given away the farm in pension obligations and tens of thousands of union members fighting against Prop 75.

I'm going to change to decline to state if they are supporting this idiocy.

Isn't this just a slate mailer that anyone could buy onto?

gop dude

No, it's not a typical slate mailer. It's an official gop piece.

75 Rocks

I would like to know why there is no mention of Voting NO on Prop 75?

That is the more important than Measure D.

That is a lot wampum to spend on a mailer here in the OC and not say a word about the most important issue to change the way politics is conducted in our state.

Yes on 75

I hope you mean Yes on 75, if you think it rocks. I agree that YES on 75 is the most important measure on the ballot. I did not get that mailer is it true that there is no recommendation for Prop. 75?????


All of the party's positions on the statewide ballot measures are prominently featured in the mailing - Jubal only posted the section on D.

Yes on 75

Thanks CRP! Good to know.

For those of us who didn't get it maybe Jubal will put the rest for us to see.


I don't think the GOP should way in this heavily on this measure (regardless of the Rep Sheriff & DA); there is no tax increase with this measure; all this does is alienate the firefighters from the GOP.
Let the effected parties (not political parties) fight this out and the voters will decide.

BTW, the GOP official stance on 78 is 'Yes'; what's that all about; that prescription drug nonsense could cost the general funds 10s of millions of $.
NO on 78 (and 79)!

Yes on 75

I got my copy today and boy was I disappointed! It has two pages on Prop 77, a page on Prop 78 and a page on Prop 79. Oh and a page on Prop 80. And the two pages on Prop D. I thought Prop 75 was the most important for us. It has just a small space on the back with a list for Yes on 75. I think Yes on 75 should have had 4 pages at least so people know it is important!

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