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October 06, 2005


Phil Paule

When a paid consultant leaves it usually means the campaign has not paid the bills or the candidate is such diffucult person to work with that it is not worth the money. In some cases it is both.

Eldad Taylor

When the rats start jumping ship it means the ship is about to sink.

Adios, Gilchrist.

Phil Paule

When Allan Bartlett leaves the Gilchrist campaing we will know it is over for sure.

I commend Mr. Gilchrist for running for public office and doing everything he could possibly do to keep the immigration issues before the voters. His original 15 minutes of fame (the Minuteman Project) was flipped into an additional 15 minutes of fame during this primary and he'll get another 5 - 10 minutes of fame in the December 6 election. He should use it wisely.

While the candidate has not been able to utilize his brush with fame for personal political advantage (unable to reach public office), he showed courage in running for office. He, unlike his opponent, did have the courage to appear at the candidate forums, met with voters and answered their questions. Gilchrist for the most part was a gentleman and his efforts were appreciated.

As to the effectiveness of the campaign, there is much to be said. Gilchrist didn't raise the money he needed, he didn't spend the money raised to tear down Campbell when he needed to. Money needed to be spent before all the absentee ballots were cast. The strategy of surviving the primary was flawed.

Allan Bartlett

The campaign needs a good swift kick in the ass right now. It's tough love or whatever you want to call it. I'm not abandoning any ships right now. We need to raise money to be effective though. The people are hungary for someone like Jim's leadership, but if they don't hear the message(lack of money) then they will stay home or vote for the soup guy.

Powder Blue Report

juan campell

pinche gabacho! You just wait until Decembre.

Phil Paule


Take some of your day trading skills and get your boy some $$$$

Allan Bartlett

Day trading=gambling....no thanks. Actually I some friends who are good day traders, but it is very hard to make $$$ on day trading alone. Now, selling S&P 500 options is another story. You get to make money when the market goes up, down, or sideways. BTW Phil, Jim just raised $200k in the last three weeks and the dough is rolling in from small donors across the country.

Powder Blue Report

Gabriel Chapman

No one expect Gilchrist to win. His sole purpose (IMO) for running was to bring attention to his issue, illegal immigration. The WSJ op-ed board is horribly pro-illegal, so Fund's input is par for the course.

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