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October 31, 2005


Silence Dogood


I wholeheartedly agree.

You can add his reluctance to raise money to the list of many errors that will insure his loss on December 6th.

OC Taxpayer

I don't want this guy anywhere near the federal purse strings.

Irvine GOPer

It looks like Gilchrist ran up over $200,000 in credit card bills before he filed for bankruptcy. This guy is an embarrasment to everyone who voted for him the first time around. I predict his vote percentage takes a nose dive in the run-off election.

Laguna Niguel Republican

Jubal - Thank you for posting this information. I had heard that Gilchrist had financial "issues", but did not realize how serious or disturbing they were.

Jeff Flint

I agree Gilchrist is an embarrassment, but this is a harder issue to raise than it seems. Campbell is the only candidate with money, and he doesn't need to spend any of it raising Gilchrist's name ID.

Phil Paule

Wow , with a track record like this, I hope Jim Bieber got paid for all the hard hitting mail he put out against John Campbell on behalf of BK Jimmy Gilchrist.

Chase Bank

I bet most illegal immigrants have better credit then Jim Gilchrist.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

I guess Gilchrist wants to raise taxes because he feels bad about sticking the Federal Government with the bill for his student loans he defaulted on.


While I admire and respect Gilchrist's efforts toward stopping the unchecked flow of illegals into our great country his having filed bankrupcy would eliminate him from being able to view some priviliged documents in Washington. I also know he suffered a very serious head wound in Viet Nam. Enough said?

Another Former Republican

At least he did not put the entire county into bankruptcy like the Republicans did.

Illegal aliens probably have better credit than Orange County does.

Of course the multiple social security numbers help, as do the lower tuition they get. (cuts down on those student loans.)

Gil Jimchrist

How would Mr. Gilchrist have voted on the new bankruptcy laws just enacted by the Congress ?


I think Gilchrist is not fundraising is because everyone knows he's going to lose at the polls. He will pull in a respectable 10-15%, probably about the same as the Democrat, on talk show recognition alone. But people like to back winners, and even Gilchrist knows the odds are difficult for him to win, especially when the Campbell crowd has been winning elections for years. Better for the donors to give him money to fund the Minuteman Project, which actually does something tangible, than to throw the money away paying for phone lines and TV ads.


Would the previous commentors mind making real points instead of trying to support the further disillusionment of our country? Sure, it's good to have an opinion, when you have reason to base everything you are saying on. Can none of you stop to speculate or question the information given? Can none of you offer new facts and cite your sources? My big point here is that while we are at war, you morons still make this countries issues about some political game. Those are not your toy soldiers out there! For every lie (weather direct or by implication) is as good as another soldier wounded or killed in battle. It doesn't matter if you like the war or not, no lies that you spread can save them or serve any justice for that matter. And here you are, continuing your stupid propaganda tricks, as though your businesses are truely worth the destruction of our people, be it via war, depression or terrorism.

Here's an example of how you can make a real arguement that's not about propaganda: Has anyone noticed that the bankruptcy took place back in 1992? It's on the bankruptcy papers at the top of this blog. Should that amount be worth discrediting a man after a decade? Not that I would say it is or isn't, just that this should be in question before you make your assumptions. Did we forget to punnish him with a 13 year sentence to depters prison? How do we know if he has peronally tried to make up for it since or not? The forms also mention student loans. He has three degree's according to his website. That can amount to more then $200,000 depending on the degree's. Rather then strike him down with offense we should ask him to comment about this information and at least hear his refusal to comment or some kind of statement before we throw him out of consideration. After all, many of the current elected officials today could easily be conceived of as being guilty of murder for wasting the people's time with lies and secrecy, while constantly making unjustified claims against one another for the sake of a bipartisan political battle, when what they should be doing is fighting for the humanitarian cause of reducing all casualties possible. It's time the intelligent people of America did their own homework in politics so as to overthrow the idiots like you who think it's fun to mislead the people with any excuse to hate those your party is competing with. I ask that those who read this and post afterward keep an open mind about every candidate as innocent until proven guilty. Not by judge and jury either. By your own eyes do not accept the words of any nominee who misleads you as these people have clearly intended to, or worse, lies with clear self-controdiction or dishonesty. Make your vote count and think for yourself.


For the record, I appreciate the intelligence of your post calwatch


Gilchrist has claimed that his bankruptcy in 1992 was releated to medical bills caused by a Vietnam war injury. But his bankruptcy papers as posted on this site by jubal do not show any medical bills, only credits cards, student loans, mortgages, back taxes,

I, for one, think it is disgraceful for Gilchrist to use his Vietnam injury as cover for his inability to manage his personal finaces 20 years later. When Gilchrist declared bankruptcy he stiffed not only his creditors, but taxpayers, too.

Is bankruptcy against the law? I know aiding and abetting the enemy is.....


It's against the law when you try to hide your assets.

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