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October 17, 2005


Jeff Flint

Well, I am not going to spend too much time going through this all again with Assemblyman Spitzer. He has the right to have any position on Measure D he would like.

I asked him two or three times yesterday to explain how the OCFA headquarters building that he not only voted for, but championed through the process, had some how become a "luxury" in the ballot argument against "D" that he signed. If it is a luxury now, then was it a luxury when he voted for it and Chaired it through the OCFA Board. He failed to answer that question.

I also asked him to explain how a measure that gurantees increasing funds for the sheriff's department and district attorney's office could result is "cuts" that "jeorpadize law enforcement in every community in Orange County." He similarly failed to answer that.

I reminded him that there are 1860 sworn deputies in the Sheriff's Department now, and asked him is there was ANY chance that the number would drop to 1650, since every piece of "No on D" literature says that 210 deputies will lose their job. He did not answer.

There was more like that, but you get the point.


This is about the funniest thing I have ever heard from Todd.

He turns his back on his friends and now accuses them of epithets and a lack of integrity?

His anecdotes are pretty much hearsay and dare I say meaningless. Got proof Todd? Otherwise it's hearsay. And being an attorney from Hastings you should know how much that is worth.

At least the firefighters present can prove that Wayne gave them a big 'thumbs up' for approval.

On another thread, Todd's claims of concern were pretty much fileted out as being either nonsensical or outright baloney.

He told Joe Kerr SIX WEEKS after he signed the ballot argument against Measure D how much he dreaded the phone call telling him that he had signed the argument. And this was after Joe Kerr called him first because Todd didn't have the b____s to call and tell Joe. This coming from a macho former deputy DA and reserve police officer. And how he was pulled off the Assembly floor to sign the argument and how the Anti D campaign was attributing statements to him without his knowledge.

And now he is claiming to be a victim?

Boo Hoo Hooo.

I guess the conservative mantra of personal responsibility took a detour.

Sorry Todd. No one is buying it. Not even your so called 'friends'.

And that includes both of them.

Fireman Todd

Next thing you know, Spitzer will tell us he he used to be a reserve firefighter in Los Angeles.


Is it just me? Or does anyone else recognize that Wayne gave the firefighters a big "thumbs up" before he realized he had "Yes on D" stickers on his car?

He (like Todd) wouldn't have done that unless he meant it....right??


What will Wayne say when he reads Flip Flop Todd's statement about Prop 75.

Wayne is a zealous about defeating Prop 75 as he is about Measure D. Now Flip Flopper has come out in favor of Prop 75. His hypocrisy knows no bounds. We will see how much support his No support is worth when he comes up for reelection next year. Will AOCDS still support him?


Wow!!! Go watch Monday Night Football and all hell breaks loose.

Spitzer is all weirded out about firefighters protesting his golf tournament? When asked about what compromise he urged to resolve this matter he claimed secrecy because his reputation at being able to make deals in the future might be compromised. Then he claimed the Board couldn’t afford any changes to a sacred five year plan that was demolished when the current Board of Supervisors gave away the farm and everything else to pension obligations (that benefit them personally) where the taxpayer will be stuck paying the bill. He claims that matter didn’t come up while he was on the Board, but it came up within five years of his departure. So apparently this sacred five year plan was easily ignored when that matter came about for approval.

Now all of a sudden he claims to be put upon and he has this great concern for someone else’s property over a couple of bumper stickers.

How pathetic.

Wayne Quint has 100% support of the members now and will again next year.

Does that include the several hundred deputies on Bill Hunt's endorsement page?

How do you spell bogus?



I have answered all your questions as cited below; you have NOT answered mine.

1. Q: Isn't the argument that D will hurt law enforcement false? A: No.

"My answers to Jeff's question: I do not know if the Supes would back-fill any 172 losses from Measure D; it is only my speculation. I know that I would vote to restore those cuts if I was still on the Board because our communities must be protected. Therefore, it is not disingenuous to argue that Measure D will hurt every law enforcement community since mutual aid by the Sheriff (remember Westminster unrest?) could be diminished and certainly the DA, who serves every jurisdiction in OC (except Anaheim which prosecutes its own misdemeanors), will face severe cuts. Not every jurisdiction is served by the OCFA so that windfall to OCFA will be taken from areas that already pay for their city fire services AND they will see a reduction in their law enforcement services.
Posted by: Todd Spitzer | October 16, 2005 at 12:36 AM"

2. Q: Was the OCFA HQ a "luxury" building while I served on the OCFA Board? A: Yes. The building has every bell and whistle to serve the present and future communities. Have you ever been inside? Despite that, I support the building; the point as I have repeatedly written is we designed it and built it within existing revenue resources. We DID NOT and DO NOT need to raid other agencies. We briefed every legislator and staff with drawings and schematics and NO ONE objected to the building. The point: anything goes from being "satisfactory" to a "luxury" when one cries the "poor" game. The natural and fair attack is that whatever you bought, built or consumed was obviously a "luxury" if you knew you could not afford it at the time. If you are rich, a boat is "satisfactory"; if you are poor it is a "luxury".

I continue to defend the building AS LONG AS you do NOT need outside revenue to support either the building or future protective services---neither was or is in jeopardy.
"....The point of that paragraph is NOT to say that the new facility should not have been built; it is to underscore that at the time the project was approved, capitalized and financed, no OCFA Board member or member of the union ever argued that we would need a new revenue source to satisfy our financial obligation on the construction bonds OR that we would need a new revenue source to fund existing personnel and equipment needs at the OCFA then or in the future..... Not only is my position not hypocritical; it is completely consistent with why I supported and still support the building of the new facility. We did so without any need for new taxes or additional revenue; we built it within our means...."
Posted by Jubal on October 15, 2005 at 06:17 PM | Permalink


Now Jeff, answer my Question that I posted twice and you continue to ignore; WHY IS YOUR RAID OF LAW ENFORCEMENT TAX DOLLARS OK WHEN YOU PREVIOUSLY FOUGHT THE STATE'S RAID OF OCFA TAX DOLLARS and the only difference now is that you are a paid consultant by the raiding interest group?

"Jeff Flint cites an OCFA press release from 1997 (when I was on the OCFA Board) noting Curt Pringle's leadership in protecting OCFA property tax that would have been shifted to the state to satisfy ERAF obligations to schools. That resulted in millions in retroactive savings and an on going savings of $3.5 million a year. But Jeff, that has nothing to do with sales tax. In fact, it is that protection from ERAF that allows the OCFA to fulfill its obligations on the new HQ and to provide existing services to OC. I appreciate all your work in this area, but it was to protect OCFA against a raid by the state for ERAF funding for schools. So why is the Measure D raid on sales tax by your client ok, when you fought to stop the state from its raid of the OCFA? Aren't raids, by nature, bad public policy?
Posted by: | October 16, 2005 at 01:08 AM"

"The post above regarding Jeff Flint's press release and my belief raids by one government entity against another is bad public policy was mine. I inadvertently left out my name when I posted.
Posted by: Todd Spitzer | October 16, 2005 at 01:11 AM"

"But Jeff, Curt Pringle protected the OCFA against a state raid of property tax to fund ERAF and you guys intervened to stop it. Now you support a raid by the OCFA as against just as important public safety services in the sheriff and DA. Your raid is just as wrong as the state's and yet you are defending it now that you are the consultant whose client will benefit from the raid.
p.s. hope your family picked out a good pumpkin.
Posted by: Todd Spitzer | October 16, 2005 at 10:32 AM"

So Jeff, will you answer the question?

Todd Spitzer

The October 18, 2005 at 06:06 AM post is mine.

Todd Spitzer

To OCFA E67 and all others who now find it necessary to attack me:

Clearly I am not happy about the attacks because for years you have been my friends. I have repeatedly said that this fight between fire and law enforcement/DA was a disaster for the county and that it would impact the county long after the voters decided Measure D. I tried in a small and apparently insignificant way to see if there was any way to find common ground; there was not. Now I am getting attacked for not putting real solutions on the table.

But let's getting something straight so other elected officials and those thinking about getting into public life can assess and understand what is going on here. I have listed in prior posts my unwavering support of fire: I chaired OCFA; was the keynote at the dedication of the Firefighter Memorial; contributed $10,000 to that memorial from the county; emceed several fundraisers to raise private funds for the memorial; have walked side by side with you in your memorials for the fallen here in OC and in Sacramento; spoke out and took a hard stand on 3% at 50 for your line firefighters; spoke on the Assembly Floor in defense of your lung injury presumption as occurring on the job; drank with you and smoked cigars; celebrated Joe and China Kerr's son's birth with presents (not returned, mind you, and please don't send them back now); called you my friends. And then you attack me for having a hard time calling Joe Kerr to tell him that I would be against you in this battle without any consideration of my long history standing side by side with you.

But despite all that, my defense of another group from which I am connected professionally and personally--law enforcement and DA--all gets used against me.

A message to other electeds and future officeholders: you can personally witness that your beliefs and good deeds mean nothing. For certain interests, it is all about "what have you done for me lately." And they, obviously, will call you names and try to belittle you ie. call you mean names like "hypocrite" and "Flip Flop". They might even picket at your fundraiser.

As electeds and the public, we watch this kind of behavior. I sense the public gets it; is tired of it; and may react by the Passage of Prop. 75. If 75 passes, you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Nothing in life is so black and white; most things are shades of gray and require judgement.

I wanna believe, Todd

"contributed $10,000 to that memorial from the county"

Mr. Spitzer, just for clarification-that $10K didn't come from those ridiculous slush funds that supervisors have, right? Using tax dollars for photo ops with giant checks to non-profits? Tell me you didn't do a giant check to the memorial at the dedication. It would just be so unlike you.....

I took the money Todd

As electeds and the public, we watch this kind of behavior. I sense the public gets it; is tired of it; and may react by the Passage of Prop. 75. If 75 passes, you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Nothing in life is so black and white; most things are shades of gray and require judgement.

The fun part is that you had no problem accepting financial contributions from the very groups who will be impacted by Prop 75 making it more difficult to raise funds.

And we're the hypocrites????

If I could invent an ironometer, my fortune would be made in the Spitzer household alone.

OCFA Rocks

We need to get a Republican firefighter to run against Spitzer in the 06 Republican Primary. Spitzer casts lots of liberal votes in Sacramento. There is a story that needs to be told.

In previous statements. Supervisors Campbell and Norby have stated words to the effect, "how would the firefighters like it if we came after half the future growth of property tax revenues?"

My reply to them is. Why was that offer never made?

The question answers itself.


Re: Firefighters turning their hoses on Todd Spitzer

Perhaps the firefighters believed that they would be able to capitalize on their "hero" status with the public and allow their past good will to carry their measure without any push back from other sides?

Todd has been there when law enforcement needed him to be and hopefully we would treat him better if the roles were reversed?

Who knows, but I would like to think so, as I don't think he deserves the disrepectful treatment he is receiving from some who disagree with his "detailed and reasoned" explanation for his opposition to Measure D.

Either way, I am disappointed that the fireguys went down the road they are on and concerned about the impact on my profession should their measure prevail.

So, I appreciate Todd's support!


Wow. We have seen it all. It is true; firefighters just eat their own and spit them out. And Flint? What a paid political hack. Since we know he and Pringle are joined at the hip, where is our good Mayor on Measure D. Or has he been Silenced Do Good too?


So attack Todd, the 800 pound gorilla for the No on D campaign. He is the only elected official whose quote was used next to Erin Runnion's on the county wide No on D mailpiece. Where are the sheriff and the DA? Todd is fighting the good fight for both offices that needs to be fought.

The Yes on D is attacking him personally which means that they know his opinion matters in this campaign. Or why bother? If it was only to get to Todd why send out two press releases to get so much attention?

No matter what the outcome, at least the general public can count on Todd to call it like it is. And both sides in this debate know it.


Wait a minute. Are you trying to say that the firefighter's brilliant board of directors hasn't read Einstein, Plato and Socrates? Are you saying that they do not know that for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction? Say it isn't so?

And if not, isn't that why they hired smarty-pants Jeff Flint?

Spitzer should thank the firefighters for helping to elevate his status with law enforcement in this county.

Apple on my head

Hey Smarty Pants,

Any HS student knows that is the third law of Newtonian physics.

The fire guys probably haven't read that one.

You mean we can't just bust through the doors, rescue the damsel in distress, throw some water on it, axe your way to the roof, jump out of your turn-outs, throw down a beer and call it a day?

No. Maybe the New Fire Training Center will hold an elective course that says: don't alienate your friends; stay behind and clean up your mess; help families put their lives back together after a tragedy; and show some compassion for those you serve and have served you; don't just forget about the last call when you go the next one......

Physics Student

Newton didn't have Laws of Physics, he had Laws of Motion. Everyone except you apparently knows that.

Apple on my head

How pedantic.

Amongst many things. Physics deals with Laws of Motion.

Thanks for the clarification.


I'm glad to see I'm not the only pedantic bore on this blog!

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