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October 06, 2005


Fred Aguirre

Mimi Walters conservative???? Since when?

Bear Brand

Hate to be a buzz kill. But Walters didn't run as a private citizen. She was on the Laguna Niguel City Council.

So her name I.D. was a bit stonger than a person running off the street.

But to give her credit. She worked her 'you know what' off to garner the vote in the rest of the district. And did an outstanding job of getting a good portion of the SD county portion of the vote.

Plus she's a fellow Bruin.


Bear Brand:

Thanks for the correction. It slipped my sleep mind at 6:00 a.m. this morning.

Mark Brainard

Have we written off Van Tran in the 35th? I haven't seen any movement that he is preparing to run against Umberg. I don't think Silva, Walters, or Baugh will run. Devore would be an interesting candidate. He has had success in the past being under funded and running to the right. However, his creditability is tarnished with his budget vote especially against Harman, who didn't vote for the budget. We all have read his lengthy explanation for the vote, but the voters won’t be as inclined to listen.

Silence Dogood


If you were to reiterate arguments used on this blog for the last few months, one vote isn't reason enough to write someone off. Harman's horrific voting record over the past six years, combined with his union support make him very unattractive to conservatives.

Look at the timing of Harman's budget vote. It seems to suspiciously fall within the Supervisorial campaign season. Remember, at the time, Harman was running solely against John Moorlach, a good fiscal conservative, for County Supervisor. In other words, I believe the vote to be politically correct, not personally correct.


Didn't someone post a more complete list of candidates earlier?

Isn't Mimi Walters from Laguna Niguel?

Mark Brainard

I agree with you that globally speaking Devore is more conservative than Harman. However, the budget is a big vote and if we (conservatives) put our hopes in Chuck, we need to keep in mind that he made himself vulnerable on that front.


Walters does live in Laguna Niguel and would have to carpetbag in order to run.

Baugh would be devestating and would clear the field. If he doesn't take a hit for the team today, does he deserve a Congressional seat when Rohrabacher retires?

DeVore is a natural if Baugh won't run.

There are plenty of other conservative local electeds and past legislators who should be recruited before looking outside the district.

What about Alexandria Coronado?

Irvine GOPer

Walters should be the first choice, she's conservative and has a great personality.

I wish Devore had not voted for the state budget - that was a really bad vote. But let's agree that the budget vote was a rookie mistake. Bottom line: Devore would be a much better Senator than liberal Tom.

Silence Dogood

Anon 7:25 PM-

I have heard Alexandria Coronado is certifiable - like pathological liar certifiable. Did I hear wrong?

What did I hear?

Anyone heard the rumor about Buck John's son-in-law Matt Holder getting ready to run for Senate against Tom Harman?


Just in today -- Rumors have been circulating that Irvine's Christina Shea is interested in running ... she's a popular, conservative woman who lives in 35 SD ...

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