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October 18, 2005


One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Thank you Jubal for posting the transcript.
As I wrote earlier, Gilchrist is a former Democrat who joined the Republican Party, then quit it to join the American Independent Party, but who votes for the Green Party candidate for Governor because he likes his plan to tax the rich. He is a political schizophrenic, part extreme right and part extreme left. I can see his vote total (not all that impressive anyway) going down even more as voters in the 48th learn the truth about Mr. Gilchrist.


While Campbell's hacks climb down into the cesspool to fish out Green Party effluvia, Jim Gilchrist is all over the national news.

He and his Minutemen are forcing the politicians to act.

Bill Frist and the Senate have swung our way.

Congressmen are being besieged in their home districts by constituents who are fed up and aren't going to take it anymore.

Jim Gilchrist is a leader, a man of action.

Campbell's people are too busy playing juvenile games with Leftwing stalkers to lead anybody.

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Read the transcript. Gilchrist is unstable, ill-informed and inarticulate. Not exactly leadership qualities.


I really like the last part of Gilchrist's statement: "and I remember he was on television".

That shows some real deep thinking by Gilchrist before he decided to vote for the socialist candidate for governor.


or perhaps he had a plan to team up with the socialists (like the ones who burned Seattle) to lead us all out of the corporate slavery and start a "bloodless revolution" in the nation of IBM...or was it the nation of Wal-Mart?

Space Invader

I just heard that aliens (the Martian kind) abducted Gilchrist and implanted a chip into his brain that made him vote for Peter Camejo. But these very same aliens now deny making Gilchrist file for bankruptcy and stiff his creditors for over $100,000.

Phil Paule


Thank you for taking on the painful task of being a scribe for rambling Jimmy and his class warfare thinking.

The next thing Jimmy will tell us that he was druged by the Greens with LSD and made to say those things ....or the CIA and GW Bush control his thoughts by microwave.

Jimmy- if you wrap the tin foil around your head four times ....all the bad thoughts will go away.

What a bafoon

Oh my... is that real? His people need to keep him locked in a closet until election day. He sounds like those people Jay Leno interviews on the street.

Area 51 Resident

Mr. Gilchrist sounds just like us. I will vote for Mr. Gilchrist as soon as the mother ship lands and we all return to Valdar

Allan Bartlett

Nice to see everyone discussing issues here on this thread. Keep it up guys. Nice to see your blog Jon errr I mean Jubal turned into a mecca for gutter politics. Now I know why good people don't run for office.

Powder Blue Report

Eldad Taylor

Allan - since when is it "gutter politics" to discuss a candidate's own words in his own voice? This stuff was not made up - it's Jim talking.

How can the voters in this district trust a man who, on the one hand calls himself a "Reagan Republican" and on the other
says he voted for the Green party Socialist) candidate for Governor because he liked his plan to tax the rich? Or one, who by his own admission, is "part liberal whack-o". These are his words - not those of his opponents.

Phil Paule


Good people do run for office.

Take John Campbell for example.

He is articulate; he has never been taped stating he wants to raise taxes on the successful in our society.

He is a smart cookie; he doesn’t let himself be recorded talking about off the wall subjects by people he does not know.

He has his personal life in order: never had to declare bankruptcy, and he pays his taxes on time.

He runs a smart campaign; he hires very creditable people like Dave Gilliard and Jim Terry. He does not mess around with amateur campaign hacks that have run pretend presidential campaigns.

Allan- There are good people in the political arena; your guy is just not one of them.


Voting for Camejo is an issue. In fact, it's a huge issue. It indicates that Gilchrist is wrong on a whole lot of issues that matter.


Phil Paule


I noticed on your campaign web site that you are scheduled to be interviewed on some radio shows this week. Remember that there is a microphone there and it is most likely that the Campbell campaign will tape the public words you speak into the microphone. You might want to also keep in mind that most people take what you say seriously, so you should keep the joking to a minimum. For example, if you say that you voted for a particular candidate for Governor, people will take you at your word. I know all this is now to you, since I bet you did not get too many media opportunities when you were just a bankrupt CPA, I am sure you will do fine.



I'm really not sure how this constitutes a "[M]ecca for gutter politics." Jubal transcribed statements that Jim Gilchrist made in a public forum, and presented them here to an audience that might otherwise have believed Mr. Gilchrist was a bonafide "conservative." If the statement had been misleading or taken out of context, I suppose that would be "gutter politics," but that's not at all what happened in this case... Unless you're saying he didn't really say that?

Look, so Gilchrist's ideology is more "nativist" than it is "conservative." If that's who he is, then that's who he is-- but be honest about it and don't accuse Jubal of promoting "gutter politics" because he exposes the candidate you want for being something other than what you want people to think he is.

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