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September 15, 2005



Hey, let's put spurs on Nativo and Ayala (and the other supporters) and let them duke it out. We could really clean up on the DVDs!!!


Good article! I talked to Nativo once about this. But he still decided to side with these criminals. This is really going to hurt MAPA's reputation, as well as their power base.

carey "chops" johnson

our country and the people who started this wonderful country,viewed rooster fighting as much a part of our heritage as baseball.thats all gamecocks know and live for.they are bred to fight not FORCED,dying fighting is what they live for.to stop cockfighting would end a species of animals that GOD created,to do what they do and all they know to do.as human beings we have to save this sport and this beautiful animal.to take away its right to fight would be to take away its right to live.what other use did GOD give them?thats all they know and thats why they are here.support cockfighting and you support what this life is all about!JESUS IS LORD!

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