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September 30, 2005



The taxpayer's pay this joker's salary!
And I'm am sick of the local press portraying him as some kind of unbiased political commentator.

This race is about right or wrong(left) and there are only two viable candidates. If Jim Gilchrist really believed in what he says, he would drop out and endorse John Campbell before the Democrats pull a fast one.

Hey GOPer,

Didn't you just prove Petracca's point?

Gustavo Arellano

East LA? Don't get it.

Will Swaim

Your response to Petracca is so mangled I hardly know where to begin. Take just this one sentence, in which Petracca ruthlessly pursues "a liberal Democratic agenda" but isn't "very loyal to his party" because he's backing a Republican in the 48th. Is just a little logic too much to ask for?

what a disappointing review, OC Blog ...

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