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September 30, 2005


Ted Lawrence

Would you support Gilcrest over Brewer if that were the choice in the runoff?

Brewer must have given Greenhut a wedgie.

Does Greenhut really want to get into a debate about 'good' conservative values?

If I had been born with a platinum spoon in my mouth ala Campbell I could afford to be a lot of things. A 'good' conservative being only one of them.

And if he's headed to Washington, he'll find it is his own kind who have hit future generations with a Katrina size bill of red ink.

This guy is a joke.

Marvin Lucas

Any polling out there?

Phil Paule

"""Would you support Gilcrest over Brewer if that were the choice in the runoff?"""

I would write in Allan Bartlett if I lived in the 48th.


Greenhut has nailed it on the head. Brewer and the other RINO's do great harm to the GOP by confusing voters about the differences between the political parties.

Jerry Amante

I am compelled to respond to our unidentified writer. " This guy is a joke "... If that was directed, as I suspect, to Senator Campbell, rest assured he is no joke. He is the real deal. He has proven that time and again and to assault him without substance is unjustified.

If it was instead hurled at Mr. Greenhut, the assault is equally insulting. He is a literate advocate for positions many of us believe appropriate in defining the proper scope of government and its role in the lives of free citizens. He is no joke, sir or madame, whichever you may be.

This is a serious election, with a serious and important seat and issues at stake. It deserves serious discourse...and the occasional...or sometimes frequent...humorous banter provided by Phil and Allan in the threads we enjoy each day. There the jokes ARE funny !!

Hey Amante,

Your post is funny. What part of my points regarding Campbell are untrue? Is Campbell not from a priviledged background?

The swollen federal budget you refer to on a different thread is the result of 'good conservative' values. Is that the monster Campbell is going to tackle? Because from where I sit, his biggest opposition will be his own.

And Greenhut. Well, we could debate his attitudes on government and naivete all day. Suffice to say Mr. Greenhut is a libertarian. And that political philosophy is the slut of the political realm. They want to sleep with everyone and commit to no one. There are holes so big you could drive a big rig through them. But that is a debate for another thread.


You reek of class envy. Campbell is no "joke". In fact, he is one of the few effective and intelligent legislators we have and he is very good on government spending issues. I think he will be a very fine congressman, along the lines of Cox but more willing to take the lead on controversial issues.

In fact, he is one of the few effective and intelligent legislators

And what great legislation has be carried? A great legislator is able to garner bi-partisan support. When did he do that?

Ted Lawrence

I was hoping to get some feedback from the Campbell supporters. Most people agree that the race for the Republican nomination will be close. I would especially like to know if pro choice Campbell supporters could back Brewer. What I am really wondering is if Conservatives would risk a split which could elect a Democrat in a three way race by voting for Gilchrist or if they would stick with the party. Feedback please!

Gabriel Chapman

If anything it should point out that what is sorley lacking in todays voter is someone who votes for the person instead of the party. I wouldn't vote for Brewer because she doesn't represent my political ideals. If a Democrat was running who even remotley represented what I feel my district needs I'd vote for them, same with a Republican. But to vote soley based on party affiliation has proven to be a disaster for this nation. Pay special attention to the clown in the White House, and nearly every Democrat in the California State legislature.

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