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September 30, 2005


Allan Bartlett

LOL on the ballot crowder line Jubal. Most of the candidates are not serious candidates and I wonder why they would go through all the hassle just to say they "ran for Congress". They have every right to run, but I do wonder about these people.

Powder Blue Report

Eldad Taylor

When is Gilchrist going to drop out?

Silence Dogood


Do you have any suspicions that Dr. Udall purposefully began his campaign to do pull some maneuver like this in the eleventh hour? Maybe taking a page out of the Larry Agran political playbook?

Allan Bartlett


Maybe he'll drop out if Campbell stops voting to give illegal aliens benefits & amnesty(redundant, I know).

Powder Blue Report

48th Watcher

Brewer has dropped out of the Republican Party that is for sure


I do not think Dr. Udall got in this race to play games. Much of the money he spent was his own, and he has been far more active in campaigning than most of the candidates. I do think he saw the reality of the race, and that he would not be the nominee, but could be the difference between Campbell outright and Campbell in a runoff in 2 months. Because he is a prominent local physician, his "friends and family" probably contains a couple thousand likely voters.



In the 1988 primary in our district, several candidates dropped out and endorsed Chris Cox in the final days of the campaign. It may have made the difference for Cox in a very close 3-way race with Irvine Councilman Dave Baker and Nathan Rosenberg.

Udall is a legitimate candidate. After Campbell and Brewer, he has been the most active Republican. So this is a significant development.


Practical effect: Campbell picks up the votes of Dr. Udall and his friends and family who are registered voters in the 48th CD.

Except for those who have already voted absentee or at one of the voting stations set up around the district.

And for those who don't know he dropped out, but see his signs up all over the county and decide to vote for him on the 4th.

Jerry Amante

Good for you, Dr. Udall ! Can some of the other Republicans follow suit, please? We could swear John in next week and put him to work on that swollen federal budget and the tons of pork before the Christmas break !

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