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September 30, 2005


Jeff Flint

Good for Chris about commenting on this!

It is a pain to be on the opposite side of Chris on the Measure D fight (but since I'm right and he's wrong, it's not too much of a pain!)

But on this point, he is right on. Counties in urbanized areas are basically getting out of the municipal services business, and while I appreciate that some residents of these islands fear change, it is simply not practical for these islands, like the Garza Strip, to be unincorporated anymore.

Given the unincorporated area is protected by the sheriff, is Norby going to give Anaheim a portion of the Prop 172 funds for taking over the police protection.


"Others are rural communities like Silverado, Modjeska or Trabuco Oaks whose residents seek little from government other than to be left alone."

Unless there's a mudslide or the like and they not only want all the gov't funds they can get, the entire blame is attributed to the county with no self-accountability for living in that area in the first place.

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