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September 30, 2005


Stuart O'Neill

Wait and watch friends, Wait and watch. Even at TechNet we picked up votes and volunteers out of an audience that should have been ready to rip him to shreads.

People are ready to vote for a MAN not a party this time. It's 'Change or more of the same."
Do you honestly want more of the same? Ah well, here perhaps you do. But the country at large doesn't. And that includes a majority of the Republican base according to surveys.

Wait for it friends. Change is coming.

Stuart O'Neill

Oh by the way...even the questioners thought Steve Young won the debate hands down. So did every person I surveyed in the audience...after giving them full permission to slam him if that was their honest opinion.

Watch out. This is something you haven't seen before...a REAL Candidate.

(sorry for the double comment but I forgot to get that into the first one.}

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