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August 31, 2005


Jim Lacy

No one can really predict these things but of the two options Gilchrist is seeking: 1) Modern Minuteman, and 2) Director, Minuteman Project, I think the second has the marginally better chance. But at risk of being proven wrong by the Judge on Friday, I think neither fits the Elections Code and regulations. "Director, Minuteman Project" is the equivilant of using "Director, American Red Cross," and the Elections Code and regulations do not allow for such a proper name or a company or organization in a ballot designation. The purpose of this rule is not only to avoid misleading ballot designations but also to avoid using a ballot designation for commercial advertising, such as "Bartender, Swallows Inn." I think an acceptable ballot designation for Gilchrist under the law as I read it would be "Immigration Reform Advocate." We'll soon find out what the Judge thinks.

anti-brewer commercial was on FX news just now....paid for by Club for Growth

Phil Paule

Might I suggest " Tax Raiser" or " Class Warfare Supporter"

Allan Bartlett

Tactically I think it is a good move to challenge the ballot designation. Who are we talking about it again all day on local media as far as this campaign goes....Jim Gilchrist. You wish you had the free earned media that Jim is getting right now Phil. Have fun slugging it out with Marilyn. Nice dueling mailers today to. I'm sure voters will be seeing a lot more where that came from, right Phil?

Powder Blue Report


Is Phil working for Campbell? What's his involvement in this?


Was his designation challenged by another candidate or just something the registrar/secr state office initiated?

I don't think he'd be successful; I believe a requirement is that it be a professional designation and he doesn't receive any income from that position; however, I believe the Minuteman Project Founder should be allowed.

BTW, I love all the mail I get from Campbell stating "Conservative" all across it; Brewer running photo's of her and Reagan; EVERYONE is a Conservative when running against other Republicans; if Campbell is successful, I doubt any Conservative groups will get the time of day from him after all is said and done.

Why is there so much mail right now? I am not even a permanent absentee and I am getting targeted early. The consultants must be making a fortune on this race.


Gilchrist has no chance on this one and his pursuit of the issue demonstrates his lack of political skill. If the judge were to allow this, then the floodgates would be open. A Democrat could create an organization called OC Taxpayers Society and subsequently use Director, OC Taxpayers Society as a ballot designation. Marilyn Brewer could start the Orange County Conservative Club and then use the ballot designation, President, Orange County Conservative Club - laughable, right? Could you imagine every Irvine city council candidate inventing an anti-airport organization to be president of in order to use that as their ballot designation? Who would be able to prevent bogus use of a name similar to the Minutement in the ballot designation of some future candidate. The registrar and secretary of state are aware of the can of worms this presents and thats why the rule is in place.

Jim Lacy

Gilchrist lost his court battle today to have the word "Minuteman" inserted into his ballot designation, as I predicted would happen.


Jim Gilchrist is at the Irvine Marriot right now

18000 Von Karmon Irvine CA 92612

Pass it on !

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