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August 30, 2005


A Question?

How is it that Marilyn Brewer can claim to be so anti-illegal immigration yet tie herself so closely with Mr. Amnesty himself--John McCain?? This is the guy who is sponsoring a bill in Congress with Ted Kennedy to give nearly blanket amnesty to all illegal aliens

Eldad Taylor

Brewer has been a Bush-hater for a long time and it is not a shock to anybody that she would team up with McCain.

That people like Jeff Flint can maintain that she is a "fiscal conservative and social moderate" is laughable. In fact, on social issues, Brewer supports partial birth abortions, opposes parental consent and supports gay marraige. Hardly moderate positions, even in California.

Sam Seaborn

CA-48 posted the text of Brewer's add a full hour before TSP...

Wow, I bet Campbell can't get Arny to do one of those for him.

Sam Seaborn

I bet he can, but with Arnold tanking, does Campbell want to?


Sam, I don't know why he wouldn't want to be affiliated with Arnold. I was doing some petition collecting for a tax limitation initiative a few weeks ago and all anybody wanted to know was whether the governor supported it. He may have lost a lot of popularity in the state but he is still pretty popular amongst the republican voters within the 48th CD which is all Campbell needs to get himself past Brewer,et al.

Phil Paule

I wounder if the co-author of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill also be endorsing Brewer since they share just about the same view on every social issue under the sun.
It is hard for Brewer to claim to be a fiscal conservative when she wants to use our tax dollars to pay for all the soical welfare programs she supports.

Jeff Flint

I'll forgive Phil for his rhetoric, because I assume he is just working on the campaign and doing his job. Eldad...that's another story.

I've said to anyone who asked me personally, that, while I am glad I don't have to choose between two friends, if I lived in the district, I'd vote for John, because while both he and Marilyn are in fact fiscal conservatives, generally, I agree with John on more issues, and I don't agree with Marilyn on social issues.

If I wanted to, I could cherry-pick John's voting record in the legislature, where he has voted thousands of times, pick a half dozen votes (not even the tuition vote), call him a liberal, blah blah blah. Except it's not true, and we all know it. John is a conservative.

I worked with Marilyn in the Legislature, and I know how she voted on tax issues, business issues, etc, and so when people post, out of ignorance or spite, that she is some huge liberal, or "Bush-hater," it is silly, and I comment. That is a waste of time, I guess. Heaven forbid any intellectual honesty.

I also know that it is not a great long term strategy to isolate and alienate people like Marilyn, and the voting block she represents. I would rather have her feel welcome in the Republican Party. When she was included instead of excluded, as we did in the mid 1990's, she raised and contributed well over a $100,000 to help elect Republicans. Back then, she specifically asked and volunteered to contribute to pro-life Republicans in tough districts, to show she was part of the team.

But I suppose the strategy of alienating her is a better one...

As far as people questioning me, which I know some have done. I wonder where Eldad was last October? I put my life, business, and family on hold to volunteer in Ohio for Bush for a month. I ran the media operation in Cleveland, debated George Soros, exposed voter fraud, stood down the "America Coming Together" goons, appeared on Fox News alomost daily, stopped a Democrat Cleveland city councilman trying to steal votes in certain precincts, etc etc etc. I did not get paid, and I lost some business, but the campaign asked me to go, and I went. I don't have to answer to anyone about my credentials or position.

When this campaign is over, John will probably be the congressman, Marilyn will hate the Republican Party, and the media will have an easy sound bite to talk about how the GOP excludes women. That's 1 for 3...not a great record.

Jeff Flint

Reading for people who actually like to think instead of spout rhetoric:

Michael Barone's latest column.

Phil Paule

I want to make a few things clear; Jeff Flint is right I am part of Team Campbell. I am the District Director for Congressman Darrell Issa and he is 100% supporting Campbell. In addition I will be taking time off from my job in the next few weeks to work full time on the Campbell campaign. I completely respect Jeff Flint. He is one of the sharper political minds in California and Brewer is lucky to have him as a supporter and trusted advisor. What Jeff did last year to help re-elect the President was a shear act of unselfish patriotism.

As far as Elrad goes he is just like our other OC Blog friend Allan Bartlett, an over eager activist new to the cause and not to be taken too taken seriously. Cut him some slack, it is not like he is the Team Campbell mastermind.

Eldad Taylor

To Jeff Flint: I did not know of your background, but I'm glad you made the difference for Bush in Ohio. I would hate to think where we would be with Kerry as President. My point is that it is laughable to call Brewer a "social moderate" when, in fact, on social issues she is to the left of many Democrats, including both Clintons and many Democrats in Congress.

To Phil Paule: I have heard that you can't make any money in politics unless you work for the Governor or the big drug companies or the firefighters union, so I will just stay where I am, not masterminding anything important to the survival of our republic.

Jeff Flint

I, fortunately, released myself a few years ago from the "unique" burden and joy of candidate campaigns, with a few notable exceptions like the Bush effort and my friend Curt Pringle. So any comments here are my own and not as an advocate for a client.

I am not working for Marilyn or John, I like both.

I am also much more comfortable when I am on the same side as Phil Paule. Or at least not working against him.

Jeff Flint

PS, Eldad, I do not claim to have made the difference for the President in Ohio. In order of credit I rate:

1. The President (for leading)
2. Karl Rove (for the strategy)
3. Ken Mehlman (for creating the machine)
4. Bob Paduchik (Ohio Campaign Manager, for implementing Ken's machine in the key state)

I helped stop the Democrats from stealing Ohio with illegal votes in Cleveland, and got to brag about the machine.

FNC Reporter: "Jeff Flint, what's going to happen tomorrow"

Jeff "We're going to win"

FNC: "The Democrats say they have a grassroots army that will turn out the Kerry vote."

Jeff: "They don't have a clue what is about to hit them."

Something like that.

We here in California should all wish for the day again when we get the resources to run a statewide effort like Karl, Ken and Bob put together in Ohio. The 72 hour task force works, when you put the money and people in place to make it work. That would probably cost millions to do right in California, but it would be nice....

Phil Paule

I don't want to beat a dead horse and don't want to look like too much a Flint-O-Fan, but had Jeff and others not done a great job in helping the President win in Ohio, the concern over who will replace Chris Cox would be moot. I want to thank the OC Blog & Jeff Flint for allowing us to have this cyber conversation on the 48th CD.

Allan Bartlett

I also put my hands together for Jeff. Yes we are having a fierce intra squad scrimmage right now, but you definatley went above the call of duty in Ohio. For that we are eternally gratefull. Now can you just tell the President it's okay to control the borders.

Powder Blue Report

Eldad Taylor

I would like to know if Jeff Flint would be willing to conduct a campaign seminar, either in person or on DVD, for those of us who lack the experience or skill to be effective in politics. I want to know eveything about he and Karl Rove pulled off that great victory in Ohio and how we can do the same in California next time around.

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