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August 30, 2005


Phil Paule

Sen Jim Jeffords is a strong supporter of he Second Amendment. I doubt he would endorse a realliberal like Brewer.

Allan Bartlett

Wow. An endorsement from another notorious squishy RINO(that's redundant I guess). Keep em coming Marilyn. Maybe Tom Campbell, Chris Shays, or Lincoln Chafee are available too. I know all this is probably killing Jeff. Hey Jeff, can you honestly say that Marilyn is a conservative after all these questionable endorsements?

Powder Blue Report

Sam Seaborn


But as Jubal well knows, many of these endorsements aren't about voters. They're about money.

Johnson's PAC will soon send Brewer a check.

Jeff Flint

"Sam" is right about the money. And I have no doubt that Harvey Englander made a strategic decision that they can't get to Campbell right, so they are working the other side. As much and I don't like it, it may be the right one to win given the rules for the special election.

I know Marilyn's voting record on fiscal issues, and I am comfortable with it, as would any honest conservative. I disagree with her on social issues. I also think she gets painted into a corner on the "moderate" issue in a sort of self-fulfilling cycle, which is good for neither Marilyn or the Party.

Campbell got the HJTA endorsement today, and Marilyn got Nancy Johnson. Even with a check from Johnson's PAC, Campbell wins today's round of endorsements.


I agree with Jeff on his analysis of the endorsement war, but as I give Brewer the edge on the ad war so far.


Nancy Johnson's check isn't going to make a difference in whether Marilyn wins or loses -- especially since she can write herself the biggest checks of all.

yrfromwoodbridge, go warriors!

Doesn't Marilyn know who John's great great granddaddy was?

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