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May 27, 2005



Yawn!!. The story if from Newsmax. I'm sure it has minimal if any truth, or out of context statements.

Newsmax has a history of playing loose with facts that don't conform to their ideology.

regardless, if it is even close to the truth...it should for making John & Ken interesting today...after all they backed him over Hahn...because Hanh was to soft of illegals

Well PF, I've heard this story on both KFI and KABC this afternoon, and I'll bet a few bucks that Lou Dobbs will have something to say about it on his show tonight.

It's been quite clear if you've followed the rise of this socialist that he's that last thing they need up there. I'm reminded of the great line my right-wing ancestors came up with when Castro came to power: "Relax! They're only ninety miles away!"


>> I'm reminded of the great line my right-wing ancestors came up with when Castro came to power: "Relax! They're only ninety miles away!"<<

Not that I'm a fan of Fidel's. But you have to admire his longevity. Ten US Presidents and counting. Wanna bet he lives to see an 11th?

Antonio can't be any worse than Hahn. As evidenced by the results, Hahn ran on his record and got trounced.


Apparently the LA Daily News (hardly a member of the liberal media) disagrees with you.

Los Angeles Daily News

Hahn's no moderate
Villaraigosa deserves election

Saturday, May 14, 2005 - In an audacious attempt to rewrite his record, Mayor James Hahn has turned into a political chameleon.

He has spent the last few weeks of the runoff election trying to convince moderate and conservative Los Angeles voters - especially those in the San Fernando Valley - that, at least in spirit, he's a Republican, while challenger Antonio Villaraigosa is some wide-eyed, left-wing radical.

The truth - on both counts - is very different from what Hahn would have us believe.

Hahn a Republican? There's a laugh.

He's the "Republican" who's raised city fees - i.e. taxes - in every possible way over the past four years, hiking the price of garbage service, and sharply increasing sewer and water rates.

He's the "Republican" who's tried to raise sales taxes twice in the past year alone, ostensibly to hire more cops, even though city coffers were already swelling with soaring property tax revenues.

And who is it who stopped Hahn's latest attempt to jack up the city sales tax?

City Councilman Villaraigosa, the candidate this newspaper endorsed for mayor, surprising some longtime readers.

Villaraigosa was once a labor organizer, Hahn cries. True enough, but it is Hahn who, over the past four years, has been the Big Labor stooge. He's given public-employee unions every pay raise, pension perk and fringe benefit they've demanded, eviscerating city services in the process.

It is Hahn who has refused to shrink the City Hall bureaucracy, and who skirted his own supposed "hiring freeze." And it is Hahn who has championed a needless, $11 billion expansion of Los Angeles International Airport - a thank-you present for the construction unions and contractors that have bankrolled his campaigns.

Villaraigosa, by the way, agrees with the Daily News and opposes Hahn's LAX plan as too costly and ineffective in terms of security needs and passenger service.

So which candidate can lay the greater claim to economic moderation? Advantage Antonio.

And while Hahn makes sport with Villaraigosa's one-time association with the ACLU, as mayor Hahn has been every bit the slavish devotee of goofy, politically correct causes.

In Hahn's administration, there is now the feel-good but impotent Office of Immigrant Affairs. And though Hahn once proposed scrapping the similarly nonsensical Commission on the Status of Women, he quickly caved.

How about crime? Here, Hahn says, he's Mr. Law and Order. Never mind that as city attorney he negotiated and pushed for the federal consent decree that hamstrings the Los Angeles Police Department - an ACLU dream come true. Hahn personally negotiated the decree with one of the most ultraliberal lawyers Los Angeles has ever produced.

For all his posturing, Hahn's record as mayor is that of a knee-jerk liberal.

But how about Villaraigosa, and how did he get our endorsement?

Well, just look at some of the key Republicans and moderate Democrats backing his campaign: former Mayor Richard Riordan, Assemblyman Keith Richman, Sheriff Lee Baca, Councilman Bernard Parks, former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg, Councilman Dennis Zine, and Valley independence leaders Richard Katz, David Fleming and Richard Close.

For all the ideological labeling, Villaraigosa has been far more the moderate. As state Assembly speaker, he was well regarded by his Republican counterparts who knew that he took their concerns seriously and operated in good faith - something no one but the special interests will say about Hahn.

To be sure, Villaraigosa is a liberal, but unlike Hahn, he doesn't pretend to be a conservative. And unlike Hahn, he has demonstrated that he understands the need to govern from the center while confronting L.A.'s problems and seeking solutions by involving a broad range of interests.

That's the mark of a moderate in practice - and the antithesis of Hahn, who's only an election-campaign moderate.

Hahn has had four years to bring excitement, energy, new ideas and innovation to City Hall, and to give the Valley the respect it deserves. He's done none of that.

While this newspaper may disagree with many of Villaraigosa's positions, particularly those long past, we have come to respect his ability to listen and his willingness to compromise. He has the energy and leadership skills needed to revive City Hall and to get L.A. moving again, which is why we urge his election as mayor Tuesday.


Who does he thinks makes up a good portion of the gangs and organized crime?

Gabriel Chapman

One more reason not to go to LA.

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