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May 27, 2005



Regarding "O.C. Sheriff Made Donors His Deputies," I don't see what all the fuss is about. Imagine, an elected politician supporting his friends and (sometimes) punishing his enemies. What a shock!

The real question is why is the Sheriff is an elected politician in the first place? Why shouldn't the Sheriff be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the Board of Supervisors? That would make the Board accountable for crime in the County just like City Councilmembers are accountable for crime occurring in their city.

I know, I know, the State Constitution provides for an elected Sheriff in each of the state's 58 counties. But that was written 150 years ago when the job of Sheriff meant something and Supervisors were goofballs who made $2 per meeting.

Times change and in the 21st century, there is no reason to elect the Sheriff.

"Sure, he (Mike Carona) appears great on the second amendment and gives out guns. I wonder how many of his concealed weapons' permit recipients are actually campaign contributors that he has disguised as reserve deputies. And just think, as a reserve deputy, you get a badge, too!" -- Posted May 11, 2005

Sombody's got a crystal ball. And possibly a lot more secrets to tell. I can't wait for the sequel.

Simon T.

Carona's Badge (more than) Slightly Tarnished

How did Carona ever get appointed to a Homeland Security position? Does it require a security clearance, like every other government job that deals with national security? If it does, then Carona should be removed from his appointed position due to his clearly careless, if not reckless behavior as a prominent law enforcement official. Whether it’s because of an immature and naive understanding or something more sinister, Carona's sexual scandal, alleged criminal wrong doing of his chief subordinate and the recent exposure of his "badges for dollars" policy in the reserve bureau, Carona should be removed from his position on Homeland security. Certainly our Nation's security means more than any one individual's ego or prominence, especially one who has erred so grievously in his management and decision making.

OC Lawman

That is an interesting point that Simon T. makes. The irony is that Carona is now touting his “though on immigration” policy. However, for the past four years he has been the only law enforcement official (he’s always so proud to point that out to everyone) on the President’s Homeland Security council. What better position to be in to bring the open boarders’ issue to the forefront. What better way, I ask, is there to combat this problem than at the boarder itself? Personally, I can remember the numerous times that Carona has brought up the dangers of open boarders . . . oh, yeah. He hasn’t, not even once, mentioned the problems with the boarders. Mike Carona sure enjoys the recognition of being in that position though. What good, I ask, has Carona done as sheriff. Name one positive thing that he has accomplished. Just one. Simply put, Carona is “symbolism over substance” personified.

Carona has accomplished nothing, stands for nothing, and is good for nothing. Move on, Mike. You are about the only person left who hasn’t had enough of yourself.


It's been another interesting week. Carona has been caught with his hands in his political contributors’ cookie jar in his “Badges for Dollars” marketing blitz. But, according to him, he doesn’t have to follow the law like everyone else. Apparently, when another state agency (POST) and your own county’s legal council repeatedly warn you that you are in violation of the law, you just do it anyway. Really, rules don’t apply to America’s Sheriff. I think that is part of the Supremacy Clause. Fortunately for us, Mike and the other Mke (that would be Mike “The Puppet Master” Schroeder) are on their way to Sacramento to clear things up.

When asked, Carona said that there is “no public risk” in regards to his selling guns and badges to friends, family, campaign contributors, basically, anyone with an open checkbook. Isn’t this in complete contrast to an article about a month ago when Carona stressed the importance of background checks and necessary training in order to receive a concealed weapons permit? Oh, I think he meant writing a "backdoor check”, not doing a background check. Probably just another misquote. And when he said he expected his untrained and unqualified citizen’s militia to “fulfill their duties”, he probably meant another monetary contribution to his upcoming re-election effort. By now, that is just kind of implied.

And what’s this send me your questions by e-mail and I’ll reply back via the same. And no further response for clarification. Also, telling (threatening) your reserves not to talk to anyone about the allegations. Why? If there has been no wrongdoing, then why not let them talk. Because there has been, and both Mikes know it. Smoke and mirrors again.

Also, isn’t this in contrast to your original campaign promise #10, in which you guarantee access to the media? I am sure you meant when the media is friendly and not hostile. Everyone has learned by now that you word isn’t worth the hot air that delivers it. You guys have entangled yourselves in so much deception that you don’t even know what the truth is anymore.

And why deny that you met with Bill Hunt and asked him to run for sheriff? There are at lease a dozen people that can corroborate that and you know it, sheriff. You’ve left too many loose ends (unlike Jaramillo). Mickadeit’s article had way too many facts to be fabricated. Someone is not telling the truth, and we both know who that somebody is (hint: he doesn’t work in San Clemente).

Since we are on the subject, explain your Bill Hunt doesn’t have the experience as a lieutenant to me. Didn’t you appoint two morons as your most trusted advisers and administrators, one of which had one day’s worth of experience as a lieutenant on paper in Garden Grove, and the other was a used car salesman. How much experience did all three of you have combined when you staged your hostile takeover? After reading the bios on Bill Hunt, he sure as hell looks qualified to me. Look within yourself and at the condition of your department and realize what you have (or haven’t) accomplished.

Another nice attempt to try to shift the Haidl fiasco onto Bill Hunt (again). If he is so wrong, then why haven’t you released the findings of your internal investigation of the incident? Really, it has been completed and sitting on your desk for months! Mickadeit, why don’t you ask Carona that question next time instead of all the softballs you’ve been tossing him.

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