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March 10, 2005


Chuck DeVore

Great piece by Chris Vargas.

Reminds me of a few weeks ago when the Sierra Club and other environmental groups were in my office to lobby against my Crystal Cove/El Morro bills. I challenged them on being too anti-person. One of them then admitted that they only agreed to "allow" mountain biking by one vote last year at a meeting. Geez.


Re: OUSD sizes up Godley For Superintendent

Now that you've read that article, read the Orange County Register's Anaheim Hills News
It looks like Diane Reed "out scooped" Amy Taxin and Jit Fong! Let's hear it for experience!


These reporters seem to be doing a pretty good job on this story, esp. with the background stuff. How come the district is only talking to one guy? This Godley character seems to have had trouble keeping a job.

This is typical: the reigning bureaucrat picks the heir apparent. But it can only happen when the elected reps resign their responsibility.

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