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March 30, 2005


Loyal in Green

I have to disagree with the AOCDS on this matter. I've worked at OCSD for many years, and I for one hope Sheriff Carona runs for a third term. He is the best thing that could have happenned for our department. All of my fellow Sheriff's Department coworkers agree with me. Now I think all need to talk to their AOCDS representatives.

It's one thing to look for a new Sheriff if Carona says he is retiring. But everything I hear is that he may run again. I think we should support him, whether AOCDS does or not.


Are there really baseball cards of police? That sounds like a great use of taxpayer dollars.

Mike M.

The Library Libertarian

"Hunt apparently has a 'vision' - hmmm, an Orange County where teenagers can smoke pot free from law enforcement harrassment?"

Hell with Sheriff, Hunt for Governor.


I find the cronyism reference to the Brag Gates regime a little hypocritical. If my short-term memory serves me right, wasn’t it Sheriff “Caronyism” who surrounded himself with the likes of George Jaramillo and Don Haidl. Carona was vocal and adamant of his support of both Jaramillo and Haidl, regardless of each ones' lack of experience or qualifications for the appointed posts each one filled.


I don't believe the phrase " all of my fellow Sheriff's Department co-workers agree," that Carona is the best thing that could have happened for our department. I would say that the vast majority of my fellow Deputies support Hunt. I think Carona's association with Jaramillo, Haidl, and their cronies is enough to warrant support the argument that he is not the best thing for OCSD.

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