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March 24, 2005



Lurk...don't hang your ignorance out so plainly for all to see. Teachers have very little to do with drop-out rates. There isn't much any teacher can do to improve the environment or home surroundings of these drop-outs.
Blacks and Latinos, and the largest drop-out percentage coming from LA, and I seriously doubt if those kids are from the higher socio-economic sections of the city. If the drop-out rate was more equally spread across the student diversity spectrum, you might have an argument.

Bogus.....don't put the blame on those who have very little control over the situation. How about blaming the community leaders who do very little to give those in the lower income neighborhoods a little hope. Or, how about blaming many who live in those areas. It is a major problem that will only get worse, but blaming teachers is something an eighth grader might try to do in his first persuasive essay. You really are a piece of work.


You might even bitch out the parents who provide very little support or instill in their children the value of an education, some self-discipline and responsibility, and the need to work hard and rise above their surroundings. Parents. It's too simple to make a baby. It's enormously difficult to successfully raise that child. Ever met an inner city drop-out, lurk? Ever talked to one?

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