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February 04, 2005



Thanks so much for the blog flog. It's not all "highbrow" though. I wrote a series on the local high school coach "slander" case. :)

I really enjoy your blog.

Take care,


Hey guys,

Wanted to add my gratitude for the plug. Thanks for the very kind words - I'll try to remain worthy of them!

Keep up the great work,

Neanderthal Blogger

while I've had you in my Blogroll for a longtime, yet to really check you out.

It's been a busy year.

Long overdue Thanks for the kind words about one of my 2 blogs, Sneakeasy's Joint.

My OTHER Blog, The Cycling Dude ( See link in my name ) just celebated its 3rd Birthday, and in it I write about Bicycling in the OC, among other cycling issues.

Keep up the great work!

I am embarking on a month long med leave fom work, and think its a good time to check your blog out in more detail. ;-D

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