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February 28, 2005


Orange Citizen

To add insult to injury, the current board agenda includes an action item to approve an $11,000 retroactive raise for the retiring Superintendent. How can this be explained? Could this have anything to do with setting a precedent so that Dr. Godley can get a higher salary if he manages to get the Superintendent position? That $11,000 is more than enough to cover the cost of taping and broadcasting the board meetings. It is unbelievable that this would come only one week after Staff defending their recommendation to cut the taping and broadcasts of the meetings.

All of this coupled with the proposed retroactive raises for the Assistant Superintendents is insulting. What has the staff possibly done to merit these raises?

Can these raises coupled with the cutting of taping and broadcasting the board meetings for the public even remotely be considered as a wise strategy for a District desperately seeking to pass a bond to fund sorely needed school facility upgrades and additions?

I think Dr. Godley, being in charge of Business Services, to include the budget, needs to be weighed and measured. He needs to be evaluated very carefully. He has clearly demonstrated very poor judgement and a total lack of consideration for the concerned citizens of this community. The thought of rewarding this behavior with a raise or worse, a promotion, is more than any person should have to experience.

Given that every other Board Member has blindly approved EVERY recommendation from Staff, it appears that we have only one responsible independent member on the School Board, Trustee Ledesma.

These recent agenda items are more than enough to convince me that the Board needs to be cleansed again, starting with Rocco and Smith.



Only in OUSD, where the Board Majority has made their mark with the rubber stamp that has approved every staff recommendation that has come to a vote, would a three time loser like Dr. Godley be lined up to replace the retiring Superintendent.

The citizens of Orange need to put a stop to the insanity!

For more details on the three time loser read the article published March 10 in the Orange County Register's Anaheim Hills News

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