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January 02, 2005



I'd like to correct one aspect of my esteemed colleague's otherwise excellent and on-the-mark post. The last Democrat to serve on the OC Board of Supervisors was actually Ralph Clark, who left under an "ethical cloud" (as the euphemism goes).

Supes Observer

I meant make a comment earlier re: your post about my supervisor, Charles Smith. Actually, I should say former supervisor I guess. Anyway, you mentioned that Charles is a "self-proclaimed" moderate who voted for the union deal but you failed to mentioned the supposed "acclaimed" and self-aggrandizing conservatives Campbell, Wilson & Silva and their pro-union, anti-taxpayer stances? Seems like Norby and Smith are (were) the true supe conservatives that I would support.

According to what I read in the newspapers (I take both the Times & Register hoping for a balance?), it was Norby and Smith that couldn't even get enough votes to audit those taxpayer funds they give the Sheriff's union for the rank-n-file's healthcare? Wasn't it also Norby and Smith that opposed the pension spike to no avail? And, I remember awhile back, it was Charles Smith that wanted to give those state cigarette taxes to pay off bankruptcy loans? I lived in Westminster when Smith took on the prima donna firemen who were robbing the city blind and was sued for violating those crooks civil rights. And, it was Charles Smith who was recently turned down in his attempt save Orange County money by buying prescription drugs from Canada. As I recall, Norby was right there with Smith?

Does this all go back to symbolic stuff ala the Doris Allen days? Or, should we really be looking at these supes voting record across the board rather than picking a few here and there? Seems like supe's Campbell, Wilson and Silva have voted for and down the things that cost us a lot more than just that dumb union agreement?

One thing is for sure-I will not be supporting James Silva for anything in the future. Your transcript on his comments on the union agreement is too much. I checked with the city clerk to see if that statement is really accurate. I am suppose to pick up a copy on Friday...I guess I hope you are kidding.

Keep up the good work. I love our county and have been waiting for something like this to come along. That Google really does work.

Joe C

I agree that there is no way Correa will change his spots. I found out all I think I really need to know in how he responded to John & Ken in a confrontation outside a forum he was oh so happy to talk to the TV camera's. he did not take that critsizm well and with daughter in hand had to held back in going after John of John & Ken. What a goof. I can't take him seriously.

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