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January 03, 2005



I was curious why the Times seemed to scoop the Register on this story, but in listening to John and Ken (every angry man's talk show) this afternoon, it would seem that the instigator, Paul Krieger, has been very proactive re. this movement to 'get these kids kicked out of school' and apparently sought out the Times to get the word out (if that's true, kudos to the OCR for not taking the bait). That's the word from the call-in crowd anyway, most of them parents of other children at the school who didn't sign the letter requesting the expulsion of the twins.

Children shouldn't be punished for their guardiens' behavior, but my question is why would anyone send children to an institution that teaches that how the "parents" are living is fundamentally wrong? It's like members of the KKK sending their children to an all-black school.

Even if left in the school the child is being used. The parents are using the child to make a point to their opposition, as there are plenty of other private schools in the CM area (or maybe I'm wrong and the "parents" are practicing Catholics - yeah, right).

Joe C

To the parents that would take these kids out of school. If they are longstanding members of the church would they not see this as an oppertunity to add to the heavenly role 2 gay parents. If these men do not believe that Christ died for there sins there is a chance that they will come to this decision as their children grow and they learn the care and concern that God's people have for all. These people have set back that cause for now.
Homosexuality is a sin. The Catholic church teaches it as a mortal sin. There wrong but please add scripture that would change my thinking. Otherwise sin is sin and we all enjoy it, no matter what the sin is.
If these 2 men do trust Christ as their savior, they want the best upbringing for their sons. The school should be applauded for their stance and 18 people can move their kids to another school, no problem.
Praise the Lord!!!!


Boy - this post is sure generating comments. I don't think those two boys should be prohibited from attending St. John the Baptist school. At the same time, I hope Fr. Benzoni and the school do not feel inhibited from imparting the full teaching of the Catholic Church when it comes to love and marriage, out of a desire to spare the boys feelings. Their two dads (eeesh) put their sons in emotional harms way by placing them in a school run by a church that specifically condemns the homosexual lifestyle and the notion that marriage is anything other than between a man and a woman.

At the same time, I sympathize with the concerns of those parents. I think it is intellectual laziness to simply dismiss their concerns as homophobia.

And I'd like to correct something Joe C. said: the Catholic Church doesn't define homosexuality as a sin. Church teaching says the homosexual orientation is disordered but not sinful -- it is homosexual activity that held to be sinful.


The parents who are protesting the attendance of children of a gay couple are setting a terrible example for their own children as well as for the community at large. Christ's central message was one of salvation by grace and each Christian's duty to reflect that grace in our lives. We must show love and acceptance to each of our neighbors regardless of their choices. Without that example of love, we cannot reach others with Christ's message of salvation. I pray that the Church stands up and does the right thing; at this time the OC Diocese needs to generate some positive media!


The parents are assholes, and once again I'm wondering where the hell my church went. When I was in Catholic school, my nuns taught us to say "undocumented" instead of "illegal." "People can't be 'illegal,'" they told us. All the other issues of social justice they taught us were along those same lines. The Catholics I knew cared about ending war and poverty, not who liked what kind of sex.


Boy. You write post after post about greedy public employee unions, white elephant light rail systems, eroding property rights, fanatical environmentalists, pension-abusing elected officials -- and hardly a comment.

But post something about gays, and the comments start popping out of the woodwork!

Joe C

Jubal, I am not Catholic so I do not know the teachings of the church. I can see that most religeons being against "orientation" efforts, mine would see it the same way also. It is mentioned that this sin is unpardonable. That is where I don't get. That is the first thing I hear from the members of the church. Jesus death paid for all sins.
We can't as a church or person pick the ones we don't like and say to people your not invited to the table.

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