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January 03, 2005


Dana Reed

Changing the name of a baseball team may, or may not, be stupid. Only time will tell. But it amazes me how oblivious some Orange County residents are to the fact that many outside Orange County are openly contemptuous of Orange County and the people who live there.

Perhaps it's jealousy which drives their anger. But, thinking objectively, a businessperson wishing to market a wide swath of Southern California can hardly be faulted for choosing to minimize any OC connection.


I hope someone with the Angels organization re-thinks this complete afront to baseball fans everywhere.

Meg Waters

Interesting perspective from Dana Reed -- but frankly, I don't think most corporate executives based in Orange County believe they have to apologize for being headquartered here.

We have a lot of companies who market to the world from Orange County-- and many of them actively include Orange County's lifestyle in their image -- from Disney to Oakley we have hundreds of businesses here who embrace our county's youthful, active and sports-oriented image. That should be something a professional sports team would want to capitalize on, not run away from.

Using Mr. Reed's analogy, you could say that since many people in the world are contemptuous of the United States, maybe the U.S. humanitarian aid to Indonesia should be labeled "From Russia with love".

The Anaheim Angels are located in Anaheim and are Orange County's team. I think that's a benefit, not a limitation.


BOOM! That round goes to Meg Waters on a knockout punch. Somebody should lock Moreno in a room with her for an hour.

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