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October 19, 2006


Karen A Finn

Oh please Lori. I am so sick of your excuses of why you would even back a person who is my 72nd and piggy backs upon the 34th. She is no better than what the Republicans always slam the dems on.
Did not even live in the 34th district.
Have to say they are leading in this area.
The firefighters and police backed you in your council race when you ran and YOU are stabbing them in the back LORI.
Why endorse anyone at all then?
Trust me when it is time for you to run again Lori I will remind them all of your Lynn Daucher backed Prob 75 betrayal.

Lori Speaks from her heart

God Bless you Lori for be one of the few politicians who is not afriad of the party politics. You will be blessed for standing up to Mr. Correa and his heartless staff. You are such a strong woman and I hope my daughter grows up to be a strong woman like you.

Lori, I'm trying to understand your reasons why you rather support Daucher over Correa.

First, you stated that the system "was broken". Is it fixed now? Who fixed it?

After getting a unfavorable response from Correa did you then go to Daucher? Why not, after all she is in the state Assembly?

Then you stated, "If any of you had a murdered child and Lou told you what he told me, I doubt any of you would rush to his support. "
That's true but I can tell that sometimes whatever response or action one receives it can never be enough or good enough.

I have four kids and I would react as you said but I wouldn't expect that reaction from Correa. At least that's what I believe based on our past conversationss and my belief he is a very compassionate moral gentleman.

It's not that I doubt your hurt feelings its just I not familar with this child abuse case. Could you please share where else did you go to get a better favorable response? What actions did you do to get the state and local agencies to fix this problem?

I'm interested in understanding who fixed this problem. What state bill?



I see. So, Jubal, it is somehow inelegant of the Dems to frown upon a Dem endorsing a Republican? All those last months on OC Blog must have just been a dream.

Who shot JR???


Art Pedroza

I ran into Jose Solorio last night at the Memphis, in downtown Santa Ana. Solorio could not denounce Tim Whitacre's attack on Ryan Williams fast enough. "What's wrong with him," he asked. I don't know Solorio - but clearly he has a few loose wires. In talking to Solorio last night it struck me that Whitacre is NEVER going to get Solorio's seat on the City Council. He was clearly used by Miguel Pulido. After November 7, Whitacre will be left holding an empty bag. Was it worth it Tim? you blew it all for nothing - and two of the Democrats you are supporting against endorsed Republican candidates, Jennifer Villasenor and Tino Rivera, look like sure losers at this time. David Benavides might win, but he is not facing an endorsed Republican candidate. What a disaster!

Also, big mistake telling folks that you are not backing Governor Schwarzenegger. It looks like he is going to win big and in so doing he just might pull up the rest of our ticket. What exactly was your strategy here? If anything it looks like you fixed your bayonet and then ran right into it.

By the way, you might want to stop using the phrase "Semper Fi," Tim. It means "always faithful," but the truth is that you have not been faithful to the GOP in this cycle. Now you will have to pay for it.


So, Jubal, it is somehow inelegant of the Dems to frown upon a Dem endorsing a Republican?

And where, pray tell, did I say that Rebecca? I only wrote Galloway is getting flack, sans commentary.

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