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May 30, 2006


Oh, C'mon Jubal

Union ugliness? What was it, a goon squad beating up non-union employees with sticks; roughing up the owner of a non-union shop; or the lousy flatfoots beating up that commie Henry Fonda as he tried to rally the workers?

Oh, just a mailer with DIRECT QUOTES from the almighty Mr. M, the man who singlehandedly saved OC by recognizing that some old geezer was a little heavy in interest rate reactive derivatives? And will now crush the unions with the same foresight and fervor, and once again yank us from the brink?

My God, when will those greedy, ugly unions stop picking on this savior!!!!

Wow.....looks like the MoorLACKS are getting worried and have to start swinging the anti union stick! You know those terrible goons that the Republican party trys to silence!

So little Lt. Hunt got "union money" cause he had none of his own. Go figure. Who would he be indebted to?

I actually heard Ralph Martin say that he doesn't like the 3% @50 pension system because of the unfunded liabilities it puts on the tax payer. He was recently quoted as saying that since he owns another business, how could he justify giving that type of pension away without it impacting future profits!!

Sounds like Martin is the fiscal conservative that could have an impact on pensions. Although the sheriff does not actually negotiate employee benefits, it would be great to see how he handles the "powerful" cop union.

The current sheriff just stays out of it. I'll admit, last time I voted for Carona. This time I voted for Martin. (and no, I'm not working on his campaign)

Martin doesn't like 3 percent at fifty because he doesn't have it. He works for LA County and they didn't give their cops the 3 at 50 benefit. I am sure he wouldn't turn it down if it was offered.

Why is it “union ugly” when they send out a hard hitting piece but it is just good political communications when someone like Moorlach, who the OC Register is sponsoring for 2nd District Sup., comes out swinging about union corruption and accusing them of owning the board of supervisors?

Personally, I think the FPPC should make the Register fill out campaign disclosure forms for all of the free ink they have given their candidate. But then I remember how well the OCR does handicapping political races and I feel better knowing that an endorsement by the OCR is the kiss of death for any political candidate.

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