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May 31, 2006



Westminster School Board... There they go Again...

What is with the Westminster school board that 3 members can't see past the ends of their noses? Dr. Lam is the perfect fit for that district. She is more than qualified and would be the bridge/concensus builder the district needs.

Obviously Purcell, Reis and Ahrens were pressured by others who had their own agenda.

When will this district put their kids first?

Johnny Slash

Dem mother:
Purcell is a union Dem and Reed is a union Rep. Both voted against Lam. Looks like your partisanship blinds you of the facts.

Lam's problem is her experience. Lam has never been a superintendent or even an assistant superintendent. She hasn't even been a principal.

Hiring a superintendent should be a slow and cautious process. That's putting kids first. Buying out the contract of a poor fit can be expensive and time-consuming.


I'm not sure why the Westminster Board selected her in the first place since she's a board member in Grden Grove District, but they knew that before they agreed to hire her. They also knew she had not been a sup. before although she did have administrative experience. She gave her notice to her other job. Westminster is on the hook because of poor decision making by all five board members.

What I heard was that a Westminster Councilman called the 3 members and complained because she was a liberal Democrat.The experience is just a cover.

What this school board has done is make a bad hiring decision and then a worse termination decision. They will be buying out her contract unless Mark can pull a rabbit out of the hat again. Is this the weakest board in the county or what?

Way to go Kermit Marsh....Now the Taxpayers are going to have to pay for the huge lawsuit....


Johnny Slash -

The only partisanship here is in my name. I also stand by my beliefs.

The other part of the article includes who voted to hire Dr. Lam. Blossie Marquez - conservative Rep and Sergio Contreras union Dem.

The fact that educators, fellow trustees and parents in attendance last night (Along with the Board Pres and VP) believe Dr Lam IS qualified suggests some back stage discussion (dare I suggest armtwisting?) may have occurred.

If part of the job qualification was prior experience as superintendent or assistant superintendent, why did the board yank Dr Lam's chain for two sessions before voting unanimously to hire her? I still think Dr Lam is a perfect fit for that district. What a loss for Wesminster.

Luis Rodriguez

Not only is this a loss for the school district, but it also is a huge blow to the students and residents in Westminster, who could have had a trilingual person, assisting in united all ethnicities. It would have been great to finally have a bridge builder. Shame on the three school board trustees.

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