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May 30, 2006



Wow. Talk about soiling chances for an even more lucrative NFL team...

I hope the city has some sort of referendum or petition to make Mayor Pringle pay back the city's legal fees out of his pocket.

It's beyond childish.


I'm taking bets. How long will it be before Art Pedroza posts a comment:

1) Attacking Curt Pringle and shoe-horning PLAs into the discussion.

2) Praising Arte Moreno for being Hispanic and Republican.

3) Attacking Curt Pringle and shoe horning PLAs into the discussion.



It's my understanding the legal fees on the appeal are capped. It's worth it to appeal and hopefully prevail, rather than throw in the towel and have Moreno come after the city for attorney's fees.

And in any case, this case is being fought to proetc what little benefit Anaheim taxpayers were receiving from the sweet deal Arte Moreno inherited when he bought the team.

Or is everyone forgetting that?


Jubal---You captured the essence of Art. Bravo.

On the appeal. its the first I've heard of a cap on fees. I hope you're right. I appreciate the fight in the dog but the liklihood of success is just a little better then Lupe's chances are right now.


Yes, there is a cap. Per the article: "The city's legal bill stands at $3.8 million, with an appeal capped at $150,000." The Register reported same over the weekend.

Art Pedroza


Mark my words, Pringle will be sorry for continuing his stupid battle against Moreno. Go ahead Curt - when you lose again it will just make your opponent look all the better...

Darrin Erstad

To the fans, who are the ones who line Arte's pockets, Curt Pringle is a hero.



What opponent? Harry Sidhu?

Harry is ambitious and no doubt wants to be Mayor of Anaheim someday, and then advance up the ladder. He is a smart man with the right philosphical principles and a bright future if he doesn't allow his ambition to get the better of sound judgment. If Harry listens to the self-serving siren voices of those urging him to challenge Curt, the only thing he will obtain is 1) a second city-wide trouncing at the polls in the space of four years 2) enemies he does not have and does not need to have 3) the short-circuiting of a bright political future.

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